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Best 14 Inch Band Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

Best 14 Inch Band Saw Reviews 2019

Though most cuts can be performed with a wide variety of different power saws, irregular and delicate cuts still present plenty of difficulties. This is where the best 14-inch band saw would come in handy. With a large workspace and a precise blade, we examine the best 14-inch band saw reviews. While the Jet and Delta stood out, neither were our best value pick, but you have to keep reading to find out which band saw it was.

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JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit – Best Seller

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Jet is not the most experienced company on our list, but they have been around for more than half a century and have earned a fairly good reputation. That said, Jet does not merely specialize in stationary power saws as they offer a wide range of products which include metalworking and pneumatic tools. Still, Jet manages to stay atop the band saw market by identifying minor features in a fairly consistent product that competitors are not really offering. Combine that with one of the better cutting actions we can find and it only makes sense that the Jet band saw would be the best selling product.

Smooth as Butter
By far the most important quality of a band saw is the precision of the cut due primarily to the fact that band saws are generally expected to make more intricate and irregular cuts than most other types of power saws. Jet makes it a point to provide one of the most precise cutting actions by combining a couple of qualities not always as common as you might prefer. For instance, this is one of the few band saws we reviewed that utilizes the traditional full-cabinet design which helps to reduce the vibrations generated by the motor and saw blade. On top of that, Jet also uses dense cast-iron for numerous components, including the frame, which helps further dampen vibrations as well as add vibration dampening total weight.

Tit for Tat
It is important to note that while the Jet goes further than most in providing vibration dampening features, a big part of why the Jet is so successful also has to do with its power level. Basically, the Jet band saw is one of the least powerful band saws that we reviewed with a motor that only generates 1 ¼ hp, though it is still able to get blade speeds up to 3200 RPMs. Even better, the Jet also features a poly-v belt drive system that can run at two speeds in case you need to cut metal, plastic, or other softer materials. On top of that, the Jet band saw is also able to pivot its table, which is neither better nor worse than the average, to make bevel cuts.

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  • Can make bevel cuts
  • Has a quicker blade speed
  • Has 2 cutting speeds
  • Has a more stable band saw
  • Is easier to use
  • Is more precise than most


  • A more expensive band saw
  • Is a less powerful band saw

Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw – Top Pick

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Delta is by far the oldest company on our list having just celebrated their centennial after being founded in 1919. Even better, Delta was founded as an American company though they have since moved their manufacturing offshore, though it is at least headquartered out of Taiwan. As such, even though most stationary power tool manufacturers have moved their production offshore, Delta has at least chosen the region known for some of the best factories and engineering standards. Though, it should be noted that there is a reason why we rated this our top pick and why it is not the best seller.

Good Build
Though Delta may not maintain the same position in the market that some of the better selling brands do, Delta does make up for it by providing one of the better values that we found. For instance, this is easily the least expensive band saw on our list, though it is not our best value pick due to some of the Delta’s flaws. Still, those flaws have nothing to do with the build quality which is good enough that you should not have any issues with its use under a regular workload. In fact, this is actually one of the more long-lasting band saws on our list because the mostly aluminum band saw build is naturally resistant to both moisture and a majority of chemicals used in workshops.

Ups and Downs
Of course, when you choose a budget-option you should expect to find some flaws which in Delta’s case comes down to power. To be clear, the Delta actually has a solid transmission that can make some of the quickest cuts and also features a 2-speed transmission. However, this is actually the least powerful band saw that we reviewed with only a single horsepower of cutting power torque. On top of that, the Delta is the lightest band saw on our list by nearly 100 lbs which has a significant impact on the overall vibration dampening. On the other hand, the lightweight design makes it much easier for one or two people to assemble the band saw without the need for a lift.

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  • The least expensive band saw reviewed
  • Has a larger table
  • Has 2 cutting speeds
  • Can make bevel cuts
  • Is more weather-resistant
  • Has a quicker maximum cutting speed


  • The least powerful band saw reviewed
  • Has a lightweight stand

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14″ – Best Value

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Grizzly is one of the more respected manufacturers of professional-grade stationary power tools, though they have recently started to be looked at a bit more like a mid-tier. That said, Grizzly is still generally one of the more capable brands of stationary power tools, though their transition to a new market does reposition them. Specifically, Grizzly is quickly becoming one of the more affordable, and thus best deals, available when purchasing stationary power tools. For the 14” bandsaw market, we think that the Grizzly is the best all-around value, even though it is not the least expensive on our list.

Solid Build
By far one of the best qualities of the Grizzly band saw is simply how well it is constructed providing a long lasting product and further extending its value. Easily one of the biggest reasons for this has to do with the computer-balanced cast iron wheels used to ensure that the saw provides one of the most precise cutting actions on the market. To further reinforce that effect, the Grizzly is also one of the heavier band saws on our list, though you may need a friend and a lift to assemble this beast. Finally, Grizzly is one of the few brands on the market that truly puts the time and attention to detail in providing some of the best guides and fences that we saw.

Give and Take
Of course, when you are providing one of the least expensive options for an inherently expensive product category, you have to expect a bit of give and take. While Grizzly was careful to give you a long-lasting product with a precise cutting action, they could not do so and provide one of the more powerful cutting actions as well. This applies both to the cutting power torque as well as the maximum cutting speed, though they do still offer a 2-speed transmission to assist cutting other materials. In fact, the Grizzly seems to focus on providing the best base experience when using a band saw and does not include many additional features that you might expect to see.

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  • A less expensive band saw
  • Is a more stable band saw
  • Has 2 cutting speeds
  • Has computer-balanced cast iron wheels
  • Has superior guides and fences
  • Is easier to use


  • The least powerful band saw reviewed
  • Not many extra features

RIKON Power Tools 10-324 14″ Open Stand Bandsaw – Runner Up

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Rikon is by far the newest company on our list having been founded just a couple years ago and is proudly based out of the northern province of Qingdao. This is important because the northern factories have a tendency to produce better products than those in the south. That said, it seems as if the company still needs to figure out how to hit the sweet spot with their price to value ratio as this particular model is fine but not significantly improved upon much less expensive competitors. Still, this is not a poorly performing band saw and may indeed be a worthy investment for the right person.

Great Control
If you are looking at the specs or the build for the reason why the Rikon is so low on our list, you will not find it. This is a well-made product that is simply priced a bit too high for the market average in terms of what it provides the user. Still, the heavier base of the Rikon combined with one of the better machined ball-bearing adjustment systems to help keep the blade cutting precisely. You can also cut softer materials like plastic or metals with the multiple speed setting–though the Rikon does have one of the slower maximum cutting speeds.

Solid Specs
In terms of its basic functioning, the Rikon offers decent cutting power with a motor that generates 1 ½ hp torque. Even better, you can put that cutting power to real work with the largest table on out list coupled with an extra-tall fence to brace exceptionally large workpieces when cutting. All of this sits atop one of the more convenient stands on our list that features a small shelf for storing workpieces and other ancillary tools. In terms of the cutting capacity and blade used, the Rikon bandsaw sits almost exactly at the industry average in both categories.

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  • A more powerful band saw
  • Has the largest table reviewed
  • Is a fairly stable band saw
  • Has 2 cutting speeds
  • Is a more precise band saw
  • Has a more convenient stand


  • Has a slower blade speed
  • A more expensive band saw

Laguna Tools MBAND144200 14 SUV Bandsaw – Also Consider

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Laguna Tools is actually one of the younger companies that we reviewed but started as a high-end professional-grade power tool manufacturer. However, the reason the Laguna Tools bandsaw only makes it to the last spot on our list has to do with the lack of value provided. Basically, Laguna Tools has taken the same track as most other cabinet power tool manufacturers and moved their manufacturing to Asia. Unfortunately, Laguna Tools is guilty of some of the more egregious examples of poor quality control while also costing more than any other band saw reviewed.

Cut Anything
If you expect to work with materials that generally give everyone else’s bandsaw difficulties, then this may be the best option for you. Keep in mind that the Laguna Tools bandsaw is so low on our list primarily because they are not known for being the most durable in terms of engineering of design. But if you get a model that is well-made, the cutting power provided by this bandsaw cannot be matched by any competitor on our list. With a motor that generates 3 hp of torque and a transmission that can achieve cutting speeds of up to 3600 RPMs, no other model comes close to the cutting power of the Laguna Tools.

Best Capacities
We wanted so much to rate the Laguna Tools bandsaw higher than we did due not only to the most powerful cutting action in pretty much every way but also because most of the other specs are top of the market as well. For instance, this band saw has both the heaviest base and the largest table which provides plenty of stability for even the largest workpieces. On top of that, the cutting capacity for the Laguna Tools bandsaw is also the largest reviewed and it can also accept the largest saw blade for an even more aggressive cutting action if necessary.

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  • The most powerful band saw reviewed
  • Has the largest table reviewed
  • Has the heaviest base
  • Has the fastest cutting speed
  • Can use the largest blade
  • Has the best cutting capacity


  • Poor quality control
  • The most expensive band saw reviewed

Best 14 Inch Band Saw Buying Guide 2019

Cutting Power

This is easily one of the more important factors when choosing a band saw as it will impact both the product’s longevity as well as its ability to cut in general. It is important to note that the cutting power in this context refers more to the torque generated, but that is not a spec the manufacturers readily supply. As such, the best way to get a good sense of the cutting power is by comparing the horsepower or amps with a fairly clear preference for more power.

That said, the more power the motor can generate, the more vibrations the motor will make and decrease the cutting precision. There are a number of ways to account for these vibrations but it does make the decision a bit more complicated. Basically, if the band saw weighs less than a couple hundred pounds, get a model that is 10 amps or less. Of course, once the band saw weighs around 250 lbs or more, go ahead and get a more powerful model if you can. Of course, the amount of torque generated also has a big impact with regards to cutting different types of materials, especially metal and hardwoods, so it might be a good idea to get a band saw powerful enough for the most difficult cuts.

Cutting Speed

For some types of power saws, the cutting speed ends up being a bit less important, but the band saw requires precise speed settings. This is because a band saw is generally expected to cut a wide variety of different materials which in turn require different cutting speeds. This actually leads to many band saws offering multiple speed settings to better accommodate the different materials cut. For example, if you need to cut metal, plastic, or other softer materials, you will want to make sure that your band saw offers a cutting speed below 2000 RPMs.

That said, unless you have a fair number of non-wood projects planned, the maximum cutting speed is liable to be far more important than a secondary speed setting. This is because the hardest of woods require the quickest of cutting speeds in order to neither tear nor burn the wood as you cut it. This is especially relevant if you are using the band saw to make incredibly intricate cuts or cuts with irregular lines. In this regard, you should look for a band saw with a maximum cutting speed over 3000 RPMs.


While cutting power and speed may be the first on this list, the cutting precision is by far the most important aspect of a band saw. In fact, the whole point of a band saw in the first place is to provide a power saw capable of making incredibly delicate and irregular cuts with more precision than any other power saw. However, ensuring that a band saw’s blade cuts precisely requires a complete engineering process that begins with total mass to help absorb and reduce the vibrations generated by the motor–especially if the motor is more powerful.

Outside of the general weight, using cast iron components, primarily with the wheels, further helps keep the vibrations from being transferred through a belt-drive. The engineering design, especially if 5 points or more, will also play a huge role in keeping the band saw’s blade stable while cutting. In this regard, the component’s precision of design is just as important as the density of the material used. That said, it is worth considering the fasteners used as this will often determine how accurate the adjustments are.

Cutting Range

Though it may not seem like it at first glance, the cutting range of a band saw is easily one of the more important considerations–depending on what type of cuts you intend to make. If you are more liable to use the band saw for simpler cuts, then you do not necessarily need to worry about a band saw with a wide cutting range. Just get the model that can make the largest cut you are liable to make. However, if you are a woodworker or find yourself making numerous irregular cuts, then you may want to opt for a band saw with a wider cutting range.

That said, this decision should not be made lightly as the cutting range is one of the specs that seem to come at a premium. As such, smaller increases in cutting range are often accompanied by outsized increases in the band saw’s price. Still, you should always get a band saw that provides at least a foot of maximum cutting height to account for oddly shaped workpieces or exceedingly unusual cuts. In this instance, if you get a band saw that cannot make an irregular cut, you may as well have gone with something else altogether.


Similar to precision, the stability of a band saw is somewhat like a subsection of precision with implications which extend beyond the precision of cut. Of course, the impact that the stability has on the precision is still liable to hold the most importance in this regard. As such, it is often preferred that the base of a band saw be somewhat heavy and made out of dense materials. Of course, some manufacturers are trying to cut the weight while still providing the same stability and precision but results are mixed. You should generally look for bodies and frames made of at least steel with cast iron being preferable, but some manufacturers are using aluminum.

On the other hand, the stability of the band saw still impacts a number of other qualities like the general safety of the power saw. While few band saws are liable to fall over due to vibrations, there are still a number of balance issues that can occur when using an unbalanced band saw. In this instance, one of the bigger risks is that the workpiece will either kick out or suck in, potentially injuring the user or even pulling them into the blade. One way to further improve the stability of a band saw is by including spring-loaded or adjustable wheels or feet. It is also important to consider whether the band saw is merely sitting on a modified stand or is providing a complete cabinet as well.


Assuming the cutting action is powerful and precise with the entire product being stable and safe, the next thing to look at is the table. Quite often consumers will assume that the band saw’s blade or precision system is inaccurate when it is actually something as simple as the band saw’s table not being level. In fact, the table is actually the most common issue with every brand and model of band saw, other individual issues notwithstanding. While you cannot necessarily control the machining, there are a few tips that can help make choosing a band saw table easier.

For instance, the material that the table is made out of can inform some of your expectations about how it will perform. Heavier and denser metals are easier to make flat than lighter ones while also providing additional vibration dampening effects. Of course, you may need to balance that out with the table size which impacts what size workpieces you can cut with the band saw. However, a large, thick table made of cast iron can bend under its own weight if large enough and not properly supported. That said, you should probably look for a table that is at least a little bit over a square foot with the closer to two square feet the better–though, much like cutting range, the table size is another feature where the cost to value ratio does not really match up at the elite levels.

Fences and Guides

While this is not the most important consideration and can generally be improved by a machinist regardless of the brand, poor fences and guides are often some of the most frustrating parts of second-rate band saws. To make matters worse, it does not really seem as though it is terribly difficult to make quality fences and guards but is an aspect often sacrificed for cost. In this case, it is especially important to consider what the fences and guides are made out of as that will give you your first clue.

If the fences or guides are made out of or use plastic components, you can expect them to bend and flex when pressed on. This will make it extremely difficult to get the kind of precision master craftsmen require for intricate woodworking projects. Even worse, the flexing can cause safety issues, especially if the fasteners come undone while in use. Some manufacturers try to split the difference with aluminum fences and guides and while these are definitely a step in the right direction, they are still no match for heavier steel fences and guides. That said and as alluded to prior, the fasteners of the fences and guides are often just as important as the fences and guides themselves–though it is often far easier and less expensive to replace those.


Which 14″ band saw type to choose?

Though all of the products reviewed are stationary band saws, there are actually a couple of different types of band saws on the market to choose from. For instance, outside of the cabinet band saws reviewed, there are also portable and hybrid band saws–though the hybrid band saw is not a radical departure from either. Still, it is important to know whether you truly need to invest in a larger, more expensive, cabinet band saw or whether you can get away with one of the less professional models. It is worth noting that the difference in price between a cabinet model and the other types can often be twice as much.
In terms of capabilities and setting, the cabinet type of band saw is by far more powerful and able to perform more cuts and functions on a wider range of materials than a portable or hybrid band saw–which is basically a portable band saw with a lightweight stand. As such, if you need to use a bandsaw onsite, you will definitely go with the less powerful portable model, but you would otherwise prefer the power and precision of a larger and more stable cabinet band saw. Regardless, you likely either need to be an experienced woodworker or a professional contractor to justify the cost of a cabinet band saw over the portable or hybrid models.

How to choose a cabinet band saw?

Once you have ensured you need a cabinet band saw, figuring out what qualities and features are the most important will provide the best all-around value for an already expensive product. While work lights and dust vacs are nice, they are ultimately some of the least important factors to consider when choosing a band saw as they are some of the least effective features included with this type of product and is overwhelmingly improved with the use of ingenuity and things found in most shops.

Instead, it is a better idea to identify the factors that impact the band saw’s cutting action the most and focus on those. Moreover, it is especially important that you remember precision is the most important quality to look for when selecting a band saw as this will impact the quality of cut for intricate and irregular cuts more than anything else. After that, you should look for a band saw that has a more powerful cutting action so long as it does not otherwise disrupt the band saw’s precision. Additional weight and dense component materials can help offset some of the vibration generated by more powerful motors.

What are the workshop requirements for a 14″ band saw?

Though most of these products may seem similar at first blush, it is important to understand that each will have different requirements for the workshop in which they are used. By far the most important thing to consider is the power supply to the workshop, especially if it is a professional or semi-professional workshop as they will generally require more power than most. Beyond raw power, it is also important to make sure that the specific point of power draw has the ability to handle that kind of energy transfer through the fuse amperage capacity in the breaker box.

Outside of the energy requirements, the band saw will also inherently require a fair amount of physical space to use. Granted, if you only work on small projects and use the band saw to make intricate and irregular cuts, you can find a corner and stick it in there. But if you expect to get the most out of the band saw by making those same kinds of cuts on much larger workpieces, you are going to need to make sure you have the room to do so. Conversely, if you have a somewhat limited workshop, then it will important to strike the right balance between the capacity of the band saw and the usable space you have to work with.


As we can see, the choice for the best 14-inch band saw often comes down to whether you need more precision or more power. Since this is a product designed primarily to make more precise cuts than other power saws, we err on the side of tradition and think the Delta and Jet are your best options with the Delta’s lower cost just edging out the Jet in our opinion. Of course, the Grizzly provides a great mix of features for a low cost while some of our runners up can chew through anything if it made it out of the factory in one piece. There was smaller band saws available if you choose to go that route.