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Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews 2019

Though not a necessity for beginners, anyone who masters woodworking or runs a professional contracting business will eventually need a cabinet table saw. With much more precision and capability than standard benchtop or portable table saws, these beasts can cost quite a bit. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best cabinet table saw reviews of 2019. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you can get the most bang for your buck. The SawStop and Powermatic are our clear favorites, but there are better deals and classic titans to find if you keep reading.

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SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw Assembly with 52-Inch Professional T-Glide Fence System, Rails and Extension Table – Best Seller

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Depending on your familiarity with the contractor market, you may not necessarily have heard of the SawStop brand. To be fair, the company is easily the youngest on the market having only been founded around 2 decades ago. It should be noted, though, that SawStop does at least specialize almost exclusively in professional-grade table saws for a wide range of different levels. However, the company has quickly made a name for itself by being one of the first to place the safety and physical well-being of its users at the forefront of its business model. Basically, all of the other power tool manufacturers that now have automatic blade brakes to prevent injury to their users are just following in the footsteps of SawStop. That said, this company is our best-seller for far more reasons than simply being the safest cabinet table saw on our list. It is even more remarkable and telling to the quality of the SawStop PCS31230 table saw’s quality, that this is the best selling product despite also being the most expensive.

Top Priority
As we have alluded to already, the SawStop cabinet table saw is easily the safest product on our list. While there are a number of different standard safety feature that this product includes, the electric blade brake has got to be the most impressive by far. The mechanism by which this brake functions is fairly ingenious and relies on a clever understanding of the human physiology. Essentially, the SawStop table saw runs an electric current through the blade that is completely harmless to its function and components. However, when the electric current encounters a change in voltage due to an external influence, an aluminum brake from the base raises up and catches the blade, stopping it dead in its tracks. Because human skin is naturally conductive, the second the blade comes into contact with any part of your body, the aluminum brake is engaged and stops you from being injured. The only real downside to this feature is that the electric current can be tricked and engage a false-positive stop if it cuts certain wet softwoods. This can definitely be more than just annoying or time-consuming as the blade brake has a tendency to ruin the blade in the process, though that may be a small price to pay for ensuring you keep all of your fingers.

Great Build
Beyond general safety, the SawStop PCS31230 cabinet table saw also provides some of the best engineering we encountered as well. For one, the internal components are made of high-quality materials and machined with extreme precision. First, the heavy-duty trunnion utilizes a true vertical rise adjustment mechanism that is even aided by a gas-piston function. This provides incredibly reliable and smooth transitions of adjustment without wearing out any of the requisite components. The open gearing design helps prevent any potential dust compaction while the completely enclosed dust vac system makes sure that is not too much of a problem in the first place. Finally, the poly-v belt drive system provides for a smooth transfer of cutting power from the motor to the blade without the introduction of vibration, helping ensure you maintain a precise cut.

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  • Has a 3 hp motor
  • Has an electric saw brake
  • Has superior dust collection
  • Has a superior drive mechanism
  • Is a portable cabinet table saw
  • Has the largest maximum rip capacity


  • The most expensive cabinet table saw reviewed
  • Has difficulty with wet workpieces

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence – Top Pick

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Anybody in the professional contractor or woodworking field is already well-aware of Powermatic and their sterling reputation. Even amongst the high-end power tool manufacturers, Powermatic has an almost mythic reputation for standing out above the rest of their competitors. This makes a fair bit of sense considering Powermatic is almost a century old and has always been a manufacturer of high-end, professional-grade woodworking equipment– though it did actually start as a planer manufacturer. Still, it should be noted though that the company does not necessarily come at this from the approach of simply making sure their products have the most marketable numbers. While this can definitely limit them in some of the most extreme of circumstances, their focus on a quality action and attention to detail still serves them well in appealing to the most rigorous of craftspeople which is why it is a no-brainer that we rated the Powermatic PM1000 cabinet table saw as our top pick.

Solid Build
While a number of other competitors can claim a few of the build features that the Powermatic cabinet table saw employs, few can truly approach the level and degree of commitment that Powermatic provides. For instance, the Powermatic table saw is not the only one to use a precision-ground cast iron table to help stabilize the workpiece and ensure a precise cut, nor are they the only company on our list to couple that design choice with the added inclusion of a cast-iron trunnion as well. However, the PM1000 cabinet table saw is definitely one of the few, if only, cabinet table saws we found that made it a point to construct as many components from cast iron as was feasibly possible. This engineering choice adds a fair amount of weight to the PM1000 table saw, but it provides such a stable structure that vibrations have almost no opportunity to travel through the medium to destabilize your cut. That said, the fact that this cabinet table saw also has the weakest motor we reviewed at only 1 ¾ hp might also play a large role in the absence of vibration. Still, this does allow the Powermatic PM1000 table saw to be powered by a standard 115V outlet rather than the standard industrial 220V outlets most other cabinet table saws require.

Great Extras
Outside of the precision afforded by the sturdy design and material choices, the Powermatic also goes the extra mile by providing a number of other non-essential features that are sure to make your jobs easier. One of the better extras added to this cabinet table saw is a miter gauge that allows a full 60-degree range to either side of the gauge. This is important because most miter gauges only provide a single 60-degree range total with 30-degrees to either side of the center. This allows you to make miter cuts at twice the range of any other cabinet table saw we came across without having to purchase a secondary miter gauge. Another important feature of the Powermatic PM1000 table saw is the completely toolless blade guard design which allows you to change or adjust the blade guard arrangement in a matter of minutes at most. This blade guard system is then reinforced with a powerful vacuum system to help ensure that you do not have to worry about dust buildup either straining your motor unnecessarily or interfering with the precision of your cut.

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  • Is a less expensive cabinet table saw
  • Has a cast iron table
  • Has cast iron drive components
  • Has superior dust collection
  • Has the largest miter gauge reviewed
  • Makes more precise cuts than most


  • Has the least powerful motor reviewed
  • Has a shorter maximum rip capacity

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inch – Best Value

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While not strictly the youngest company on our list, Grizzly is definitely another brand that is definitely a bit on the newer side when compared to other power tool manufacturers. Having been founded in 1983, Grizzly does not specialize in woodworking tools, though that is where the company got its start. No list of professional-grade power tools would be complete without the inclusion of a Grizzly product somewhere, but it is fair to note that rarely is that position at the top of the list. This is not to suggest that Grizzly manufactures poor products, but they are definitely not as focused on precision as many of their other competitors. That said, Grizzly attempts to make up for this by offering you a still high-quality power tool at a much lower price than pretty much any other professional or commercial-grade manufacturer can. While this can have some mixed results depending on the product in question, Grizzly at least makes sure that their top-tier cabinet table saw comes absent any major design or mechanical flaws.

Ancillary Tasks
While most cabinet table saws are focused on providing the absolute best-cutting action or most precise cuts, Grizzly is aware that a professional has a number of different tasks to perform in the course of their day. In fact, the overwhelming majority of time spent as a professional contractor will involve either setting up and adjusting your tools or performing some kind of routine maintenance. Unless you have to make the same exact cut over and over, the process of making a single cut is actually incredibly quick. This is why Grizzly went out of their way to make sure that their table saw expedites the vast majority of these auxiliary tasks. In terms of the cut itself, the Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw has a quick-release blade guard that is complemented by a quick-release riving knife. Together, this allows you to make rapid adjustments to your blade position and cut follow-through arrangement. On top of that, the 0690 cabinet table saw also features a quick-release motor guard and a quick-release splitter assembly. Really, the only part about this setup that is not quick to change is the arbor and blade change, though that just follows the industry standard and is not actually a flaw.

Decent Build
While the Grizzly cabinet table saw may not blow you away outside of its easy to use functions, it does not disappoint either. It is tied for second on our list with a 3 hp motor, though the actual amperage is a tad on the low side at only 12.8 A. That said, the precision of the Grizzly 0690 table saw is still on par with most of its competitors as it uses a cast iron table that is then combined with a wide range of cast iron components, including a heavy-duty trunnion. This even extends the adjustment handwheels which use a gnarled design to fit more ergonomically in the palm of your hand. One thing that is a bit unexpected considering the attention to ease of use that Grizzly put into this table saw is the fact that it is more difficult to assemble than many of the other products we reviewed. To be fair, part of this has to do with the fact that the Grizzly 0690 table saw uses a triple belt drive system as opposed to the more popular poly-v belt drive system. While this actually helps dissipate some of the vibrations further, it does mean that you will have to be more careful while setting it up as well as replace more belts more often.

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  • Is the least expensive cabinet table saw
  • Has a 3 hp motor
  • Has a cast iron table
  • Has cast iron drive components
  • Is easier to maintain
  • Is easy to use


  • Has the shortest maximum rip capacity reviewed
  • Is more difficult to assemble

Jet 708674PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3HP, 1Ph, 30″ Rip Fence – Runner Up

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Though not the most experienced, neither is Jet one of the youngest companies on our list, instead sitting somewhere in between with a history that stretches back 6 decades. However, Jet is the only company that we reviewed which actually did not get its start in the power tool market and instead started as a winch and lift manufacturer for airplanes. As the company progressed, however, they eventually started to make power tools to work on the airplanes which then expanded further into the production of power tools more broadly. These days, Jet sits somewhere in between the market in terms of quality compared to its competitors and the prices they charge for their products.

Fairly Convenient
Since Jet cannot truly surpass the leaders of the professional-grace cabinet table saw market in terms of raw performance, it seems they aim to do so by offering a number of additional features not seen on many other products. For instance, this is the only cabinet table saw on our list whose cabinet actually serves the colloquial function of that term. With a drawer situated at the base, the Jet can actually store a number of hand tools and measurement devices for easy access. On top of that, the Jet cabinet table saw is also the only model we reviewed which has specialized storage for the variety of guides when they are not in use. That said, the real crowning achievement of the Jet table saw, at least in terms of convenience, comes from the push-button arbor lock which allows for a toolless blade change.

Mostly Standard
Outside of convenience, the Jet XACTASAW cabinet table saw generally does not wow us, but neither does it let us down. The motor generates a standard 3 hp but is able to utilize an impressive 14.8-amps which is the second-most on our list. Likewise, the construction is fairly standard in that the table is made of cast iron while the table use utilizes a heavy-duty trunnion. That said, one area where the XACTASAW cabinet table saw does go above and beyond is in regards to its guides. Specifically, the Jet table saw comes equipped with a XACTA Fence II which is potentially the first or second-best fence included with any of the table saws reviewed. Unlike most included table saw fences, the XACTA Fence II uses panels made of HDPE, rather than plywood, which maintains lightweight durability as well as a slick surface along which to run workpieces.

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  • Has a 3 hp motor
  • Has a push-button arbor lock
  • Has a cast iron table
  • Has heavy-duty a trunnion
  • The additional storage options
  • Has high-end guides


  • Has a shorter maximum rip capacity
  • Is more expensive to maintain

Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw, 52-Inch Fence – Also Consider

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For those of you familiar with the commercial-grade contractor market, it might be a bit surprising to see the Delta Unisaw so far down on our list. To be clear, this cabinet table saw is every bit as good as it was compared to the rest of the market, but there are definitely some competitors that take shots at it in different ways. For instance, our best selling option is definitely just a step above it in the performance market while the other options are able to best it in terms of price. That said, the Delta Unisaw cabinet table saw is one of the flagship products that Delta manufacturers and has been for some time.

Capacity to Spare
When it comes to cutting capacities, the Unisaw cabinet table saw is able to outperform its competitors in nearly all areas of note. It is tied for the largest maximum rip capacity and technically exceeds even this measure if you are willing to spend a bit more– though few people will actually need that kind of rip capacity. On top of that, the Delta cabinet table saw also has the deepest maximum cutting depths, though the difference is only ⅛”. Still, that does provide a bit of additional clearance if the workpiece is question has some kind of layer that might otherwise cause an issue. As if all of that were not enough, the Delta Unisaw table saw is also able to provide the largest maximum bevel, though this should be understood as a bit of give used more to course-correct than as a standard bevel cut measurement.

Great Build
Outside of the cutting capacities, which are more than impressive by comparison, the Unisaw cabinet table saw also wows us with its sheer cutting power. Specifically, this is the only cabinet table saw on our list with a 5 hp motor that is also complemented with a list-leading 15-amp power draw. As one would expect, the Delta cabinet table saw also employs a cast iron table as well as a heavy-duty cast iron trunnion. However, to demonstrate that they are not to be outdone by anyone, the Delta Unisaw table saw also features a cast iron cabinet— the only table saw on our list to do so. It is worth noting that while all of these features make the Unisaw cabinet table saw a beast with the boards, it is also a beast to set up. Not only does the weight make it a bit difficult to gauge during assembly, but it is also simply more complicated than some of the other options on the list. 

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  • Has the most powerful motor reviewed
  • Has the largest maximum cutting depth capacities
  • Has the largest maximum rip capacity
  • Has high-end guides
  • Is incredibly durable and stable
  • Has the largest maximum bevel capacity


  • Is a more expensive cabinet table saw
  • Is more difficult to assemble

Best Cabinet Table Saw Buying Guide 2019


The power of a table saw should be taken with a bit of a grain of salt in the sense that it is far from the most important aspect. This is due in a large part due to the fact that rarely will you be able to cut workpieces that are thicker than 3”. With that as the industry standard, you will have to be cutting some African Ironwood before the power of the cabinet table saw really comes into question. That said, the more powerful the motor, generally the more durable it will be as well, though this will also be affected by the materials used as well as the engineering processes selected. When gauging the power level, the most common metric used is horsepower, and you should generally look for a cabinet table saw with a motor that generates around 3 hp.


This is likely the most important aspect of a cabinet table saw since it will impact not only the longevity of the product but the precision of the cuts as well. Basically, the heavier and denser the materials used in the table saw’s construction, generally the more stable and precise the cuts will be. This has led to cabinet table manufacturers seeking to use cast iron, one of the heaviest and densest metals used for modern manufacturing, for as many different components as possible. A manufacturer should get bonus points if the trunnion is made of cast iron and even more bonus points if other components of the drive system are as well. 


Because one of the main draws of a cabinet table saw involves its ability to provide better cuts at greater capacities than most other types of table saw, the table actually becomes a rather important consideration. Much like with the previous entry, the best cabinet table saw tables are made out of cast iron to provide great stability and help dampen the vibrations generated from the motor as much as possible. Another important aspect to consider is the size of the table, though this should be based more on your particular needs. Basically, many cabinet table saws are bolted into the ground which provides a great base for larger tables, sometimes over 4’ in length. However, not everyone has a workshop large enough to accommodate such a table, and smaller cabinet table saws are made as well.


While benchtop and portable table saws often have good to great cutting power, they will often lag behind in the precision department. Part of this can be attributed to vibrations introduced through lighter materials and the use of a direct drive system, but just as often, lower graded table saws will also have substandard fences and guides. Since cabinet table saws are generally priced in the thousands of dollars, you usually do not have to worry about poor-quality fences or guides. That said, some models definitely go above and beyond by offering a wider range of adjustment or simply a better quality accessory. While this should not be the reason you choose a cabinet table saw in the first place, it is a good area to use to help separate two options you feel are close calls.


Why Choose a Cabinet Table Saw?

While every contractor and woodworker do genuinely need a table saw, not all of them truly require a cabinet table saw– at least, not at first. It is worth remembering that there is generally a fair bit of difference in terms of performance from your standard table saw compared to a cabinet model. For one, the cabinet table saw is generally able to generate significantly more cutting power than your benchtop model. This trend actually holds true even if you purchase a benchtop model with the same ostensible power level. This often comes down to the fact that benchtop models are usually direct-drive which reduces the amount of torque the motor can generate, while cabinet table saws are generally belt drive and allow for a more consistent power transfer.

The other primary reason to use a cabinet table saw over a benchtop model, and this is likely the most important reason, is that a cabinet table saw is almost always far more precise than the smaller models. Some benchtop models are attempting to mitigate this by including cast iron tables with their products, but the belt drive system alone is significantly more precise than the direct drive system. When you add that on top of the use of cast iron for a large table, a base that is usually bolted into the ground, and even cast iron trunnions and other components, benchtop table saws simply cannot compete.

Some Special Considerations

While cabinet table saws an impressive in a number of different ways, they also carry with them a number of different exceptions of extenuating circumstances for which you must account. First and foremost, cabinet table saws are rather large power tools that will require a workshop of a not insignificant size. There are a couple that we reviewed which will fit nicely in a smaller workshop, but you will ideally have a rather large workspace for a cabinet table saw. If you are a professional contractor, this is even more relevant as a smaller cabinet table saw may not be able to accomplish everything you need it to.

Another thing to consider is how to power the cabinet table saw because they often have different power rating requirements than your standard power tools. Essentially, cabinet table saws have powerful motors which require greater amounts of energy than standard table saws. As such, the overwhelming majority of cabinet table saws require a 220V outlet whereas most homes have 115/120V outlets as a standard. Depending on your workspace, you may actually have to install a new, properly-rated outlet to run your cabinet table saw.

What to Look For?

While power saws often like to market their motor’s power as a sign of their cutting power, cabinet table saws are generally used for precision. This is not to suggest that you can simply eschew cutting power altogether, but unlike with handheld circular saws, for example, cutting power is not really king. Instead, you will want to look for a cabinet table saw which provides as much vibration dampening as possible so that you can achieve as precise a cut as possible. This is generally achieved with heavy, dense materials as well as a drive system which dissipates vibrations.

Another important aspect to consider is the fences and other measurement devices on the table saw. Granted, these can actually be replaced aftermarket for an additional cost, but when you are paying over $1000 for a power tool, it would be nice if the included fences and guides are top-quality as well. Finally, one of the clearest advantages that a cabinet table saw can provide is the sheer capacity of the cut. Because the base is generally bolted into the ground, the table itself can often extend out further than much smaller table saws while still maintaining a stable base and rigidity.


As we can see, the cabinet table saw market is filled with high-end products that perform exceptionally well for a wide variety of circumstances. If you want top-notch performance as well as an additional bit of protection, the SawStop offers the safest option we found. The Powermatic may not necessarily be the most powerful, but it makes up for that with the most precise cuts. The Grizzly comes in at a ridiculously low price point considering what all you get, and its flaws are more inconvenient than anything. On the other hand, the Jet makes a name for itself by excelling in the convenience department across the board. Finally, the Delta Unisaw still stands tall as one of the best-made, albeit highly-priced, cabinet table saws on the market.