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Best Chainsaw Chaps Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Chainsaw Chaps Reviews 2019

Whether you are a professional landscaper or just trying to take care of some chores around the house, you might end up needing to use a chainsaw. While there are a wide range of chainsaws to choose from, you should always make sure that you wear the proper protective clothing. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best chainsaw chaps reviews of 2019. Then, we also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you know what makes the safest chainsaw chaps around. Our top picks are definitely the Husqvarna Technical and Stihl options, but you have to keep reading to see our high-quality best value chainsaw chaps.

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Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch – Best Seller

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Husqvarna is easily the oldest and most experienced company on our list, though they did not always make outdoor lawn care equipment. Instead, the company got its start over 3 centuries ago as a gunsmithing company but transitioned to become one of the most respected brands in the chainsaw market. These days, Husqvarna specializes in a wide variety of outdoor lawn care equipment, not just chainsaws. In terms of chainsaw chaps, these are Husqvarna’s flagship product, and it is not difficult to see why they are best sellers. It should also give you a hint as to the quality of these chaps considering that their higher price does not drive customers to cheaper options.

Great Protection
Though the Husqvarna apron chaps may be one of the more expensive options on our list, the sheer amount of protection likely justifies the price and spot on our list. To be clear, this protection extends well beyond simply making sure that you do not have to worry about an errant chainsaw cutting into your legs, though it surely accomplishes that task as well. This superior protection begins with the shell which is made of 1000 denier polyester, the strongest polyester shell that we reviewed. This means that you do not have to worry about tree limbs or brambles tearing at the fabric coating of the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps. Of course, the real protection sits underneath the polyester shell, woven into thicker padding. Specifically, the Husqvarna technical apron chaps offer 5 layers of Tek warp protection to make sure that the chainsaw is not able to get through the fabric to your skin.

While this may not necessarily be the most layers used by manufacturers on our list, there are numerous demonstrations which show the tek warp fabric stop a cutting chainsaw cold. As if that were not enough, the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps also make it a point to protect you from other elements as well. The chainsaw apron chaps accomplish this with a PVC coating which helps keep you dry should it rain or you otherwise be exposed to water. On top of that, the PVC coating also offers some limited oil resistance as well as a number of other chemicals. That said, the PVC coating will only last for so long and the resistance provided will wane more quickly than weave-based water or oil protection.

Fairly Convenient
Part of the reason you would choose chainsaw chaps over other types of protective clothing in the first place probably has a bit to do with ease and convenience. As opposed to pants or bibs, chaps offer the ability to slip on and off much quicker and without as much fuss. Of course, there is a bit of a balancing act required to make sure that the chainsaw chaps are convenient without sacrificing their protection. In this regard, the Husqvarna is not perfect but still performs an admirable job, able to accomplish what many other products we reviewed could not. Specifically, these are some of the better fitting chaps on our list due in part to the inclusion of acetyl Delran buckles.

These buckles are stronger than some of the other plastic used by competitors, but they are also designed in such a way as to be more secure. As such, the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps do not suffer from some of the same complaints of a poor fit that other products do. Some of this is definitely due to the use of 4 straps, 3 on the leg, as opposed to the more common 2 or 3. That said, this does bring us to the Husqvarna apron chaps biggest weakness: the weight. Aside from the fact that this technically means you will fatigue a bit quicker, though not too much, the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps are also one of the hotter options that we found. This means that you will likely not want to wear these for too terribly long in warm regions without taking a break. Still, the Husqvarna technical chainsaw chaps also provide some modest protection for the back of your lower legs with this design. To add a little bit extra, the Husqvarna technical chainsaw apron chaps also provide a felling wedge and even come with a handy pocket.

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  • Are semi-closed back chaps
  • Has 5 layers of Tek warp protection
  • Uses 1000 denier polyester
  • Are PVC-coated chaps
  • Comes with a handy pocket
  • Uses 4 acetyl Delrin buckles


  • Are more expensive chainsaw chaps
  • Are heavier chainsaw chaps

STIHL 0000 886 3202 36-Inch Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps – Top Pick

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There may be no company on our list with a more prestigious reputation in the outdoor lawn care market that Stihl. Though they are not the oldest company we reviewed, they are definitely the most experienced with a specialized focus on chainsaw products stretching back over 9 decades. To be fair, like most chainsaw manufacturers, Stihl also makes other types of outdoor lawn care equipment– not just chainsaw products. As an American-made manufacturer, Stihl is noted for providing some of the best performance in the market. To this very day, Stihl regularly takes home awards for continued innovation amongst a wide range of their products. Though they might be a bit pricey, we feel comfortable naming the Stihl chainsaw chaps our top pick.

Excellent Protection
It can sometimes be a bit difficult to parse which chainsaw chaps actually offer the best protection. Different manufacturers use different materials and make their chaps with different weaves, all of which impacts the overall protective ability their chainsaw aprons provide. With the Stihl chainsaw chaps, you once again do not see the most layers of protective fabric, but the company accounts for this by using some of the best materials we saw. This begins with a shell that may only be 600 denier fabric, but it uses Cordura nylon instead of polyester. Cordura nylon is fairly well-known in the fabrics industry as being one of the top types of synthetic fabrics used in general. Even better, the Cordura nylon is treated so that it provides solid water and oil resistance, a quality that is not quite as standard for nylon as it is for polyester.

Of course, having a quality shell is only as good as it sits on top of superior padding, and the Stihl chainsaw apron made sure to use extremely high-quality materials in this regard as well. First, these chainsaw apron chaps have the second-thickest protective fabric with 6 full interwoven layers. That said, these layers are even more impressive due to the use of Avertic Pro fibers made by Engtex. To be clear, Avertic Pro was one of, if not, the first patented textiles for chainsaw protection and still holds a top spot among the market to this day. Not only does this material offer superior protection compared to most, but it is also made to be far more breathable than many other protective materials as well.

Seriously Convenient
Where many products aim to offer an advantage here or there, the design team at Stihl must have been working overtime to come up with a pair of chainsaw chaps that checks virtually every box. In fact, this is one of the few times we had difficulty finding something to really criticize or that could be improved. While most chainsaw chaps offer at least adequate protection, some companies will try to save a little bit here and there in other areas. However, the Stihl chainsaw chaps offer an exceptionally great fit without the difficulty we saw from other products. On top of that, while the Stihl apron chaps did not completely wrap around the leg, they still provided a decent amount of protection along the sides towards the back.

The fact that the straps fit better than most without any wiggle or loosening is only part of what makes them so convenient. For one, these are some of the lightest weight chainsaw chaps that we came across which is only all the more impressive considering how protective they are. This lightweight design will help reduce fatigue and increases maneuverability, but it also helps make sure you can wear them more comfortably in hotter climates. As if that were not enough, the Stihl chainsaw apron chaps also have a deep front cargo pocket to carry various implements or tools for quick retrieval.

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  • Has 6 Layers of Avertic Pro by Engtex
  • Has a deep front cargo pocket
  • Are lightweight chainsaw chaps
  • Are more comfortable than some
  • Are washable chainsaw chaps
  • Has Cordura nylon weaves


  • Are more expensive chainsaw chaps

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket, Orange 36 Length – Best Value

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Forester is definitely an interesting company on our list primarily because they do not actually manufacture the main products in the outdoor lawn care market. Instead of making chainsaws, edgers, and clippers like most companies we reviewed, Forester specializes in making aftermarket replacement parts and accessories. While this may make them a bit niche, they have been providing these products for close to half a century and are still going strong. What is even more remarkable is the fact that they are able to provide competitive products at lower prices than many other well-known companies.

Decent Protection
Whenever you look for a budget-friendly product, you should expect it to come with some warts that you must deal with. On the other hand, chainsaw chaps have an incredibly important function that they must perform without fail. When it comes to the forest chainsaw apron chaps, you can feel confident that they provide decent protection, but they are not the best option we found. For one, these chainsaw chaps actually have the lowest number of protective fiber layers at only 4, though they are still well-rated by the appropriate regulating bodies. The outer shell uses an Oxford polyester, but there does not seem to be a special denier rating applied. On the positive side, the Forester chainsaw chaps are noted for being both water and oil-resistant, likely due to the OXford shell. One troubling note of concern is that the protective padding seems to stop about halfway up the thigh, leaving the upper leg less protected. Still, the materials used do at least come with the advantage of being machine washable rather than hand-wash only.

Reasonable Convenience
Generally, when a company tries to offer a less expensive pair of chainsaw chaps, the last thing to suffer is the degree of protection provided. Instead, most cheap chainsaw chaps will suffer from or more different inconveniences that make using them more difficult. While the Forester chainsaw apron does have some genuine notable features that make it convenient, it also has a major flaw too. In this case, the biggest issue with the Forester’s convenience comes down to the waist strap and buckle. Basically, once you get the waist strap set, you cannot bend over too much without having to worry about the strap coming loose. You can always tie the strap to prevent this issue, but then that makes taking off the Forester chainsaw chaps a bit more of a chore. On a positive note, these are some of the lightest weight chainsaw chaps we reviewed which will help keep you cool in warmer climates and reduce your fatigue or maneuverability limitations. It also has a large side pocket to store various hand tools or implements, though it is noted for getting sawdust in it.

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  • Are less expensive chainsaw chaps
  • Are lightweight chainsaw chaps
  • Has a large side pocket
  • Has 4-ply layer protection
  • Are water and oil-resistant
  • Are cold-water machine washable


  • Does not provide complete protection
  • The waist strap slips

Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps, Gray/Blue – Runner Up

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Husqvarna makes our list a second time, but it is important to note that there are major differences between these products. Specifically, the top-rated Husqvarna chainsaw chaps are made for professional landscapers or loggers. While these chainsaw chaps are decent, they are meant to be used by homeowners and other DIYers. As such, if you are a professional landscaper, it is important to understand that saving a few bucks may not be worth the risk or inconvenience that this budget-friendly pair of chainsaw chaps come with.

Decent Protection
When it comes to the protection provided by these Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, you should notice that they are remarkably similar to the best selling pair. For example, these Husqvarna chainsaw apron chaps feature a solid 5 layers of Tek warp protection. This protection is more than enough to stop a chainsaw cold in its tracks before it can cut into your leg. On the other hand, these Husqvarna chainsaw chaps are not as all-around durable as the higher-rated models. This is most notable in the outer shell which only uses 600 denier polyester, though this is actually still pretty good compared to some of the other options we reviewed. Even better, the homeowner Husqvarna apron chaps also sport a solid PVC coating which keeps them dry and repels most chemicals you might come in contact with.

So-So Convenience
In terms of ease, these Husqvarna chainsaw chaps could definitely stand some improvement, though they are not outright awful. These chainsaw apron chaps use the same acetyl Delrin buckles as the better-performing pair, but they do not use quite as many straps. This makes these Husqvarna chainsaw chaps fit a little poorer than some, especially at the calf. On top of that, this Husqvarna chainsaw apron is not machine-washable and must instead be washed by hand and hung to dry. Also, while it is not the most important in terms of protection, the absence of a pocket does mean you will have to carry every implement by hand or take more time retrieving it. These are not terribly lightweight chainsaw chaps either, but they feature a more open-back design which helps keep you cooler in hot weather.

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  • Are less expensive chainsaw chaps
  • Uses 600 denier polyester
  • Are PVC-coated chaps
  • Has 5 layers of Tek warp protection
  • Uses acetyl Delrin buckles
  • Good for warm temperatures


  • Are not machine washable
  • Not the best fitting

Oregon 563979 Protective Chainsaw Chaps – Also Consider

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Oregon is not necessarily one of the older or more experienced companies that we reviewed, but they have been around for almost 75 years. On top of that, other manufacturers will regularly include Oregon chains or bars for their own chainsaws. This is because Oregon actually got its start innovating chainsaw chains before moving onto chainsaw bars. These days, Oregon makes a wide range of outdoor lawn care products, though they do still hold a special place in the chainsaw market. The Oregon chainsaw chaps could potentially be a bit higher up on our list, but they are not made for everyone.

Good Protection
Let it be known that the Oregon chainsaw chaps are not this far down on our list because they provide poor protection. To the contrary, these chainsaw apron chaps provide as good or better protection than most similarly priced competitors. This begins with a solid shell that is made of 600 denier Oxford polyester, providing good overall durability. This solid shell is then complemented with the thickest protection on our list featuring 8 full layers. That said, the specific protective warp fabric is not given, so we do not know exactly how well it compares to the competition. On top of that, there are no special protections afforded by the use of Oxford fabric nor any special coatings. However, the use of Oxford fabric does at least allow for a more breathable pair of chainsaw chaps, great for hotter weather.

Big and Tall
There really is no getting around the fact that the Oregon chainsaw chaps are made one size fits all. The problem with this approach is that the “one size” is not actually made for most people. Instead, the Oregon chainsaw apron chaps are best-suited for tall users due to the 36” length which is definitely on the large end of the spectrum. As if that were not enough, the Oregon apron chaps also have the same issue that some other less expensive chainsaw chaps do with their straps. While loose straps can be annoying to potentially dangerous for otherwise well-fitting chaps, this becomes far more of a problem for chaps that are generally too big for most people.

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  • Are less expensive chainsaw chaps
  • Uses a 600 denier Oxford shell
  • Has 8 layers of warp knit protection
  • Are machine washable
  • Good for warm temperatures
  • Great for large users


  • The straps will slip
  • Not the best fitting

Best Chainsaw Chaps Buying Guide 2019


The protection of chainsaw chaps is easily the most important factor and the reason for purchasing them in the first place. Regardless of all other qualities, the protection afforded needs to meet a baseline level of quality, or else the chainsaw chaps are useless. The way that chainsaw chaps provide protection is with the use of ballistic weave materials that stop the chainsaw from cutting you. Unfortunately, there are too many materials to go through them all, but all chainsaw chaps we reviewed meet regulatory guidelines. It is important to note that while the number of layers can provide peace of mind, they do not provide the final say on how well a pair of chainsaw chaps actually protect you.


Even though the protection is the most important quality, the ballistic weave fibers are generally held in place with an outer shell. Despite the misleading name, the “shell” is not a hard exterior but merely refers to the fabric the protective fibers are woven onto. In general, most chainsaw chaps use a shell made out of polyester or nylon due to their natural strength and superior durability. The best chainsaw chaps will even go a step further than this by making sure the shell’s weave also provides some additional protection, a quality rated by “deniers.” That said, the shell does not really provide much protection from the chain, instead providing an idea of the product’s lifespan. The shell may also provide some limited form of resistance from water, oil, or both depending on the materials used or their weave. In fact, some manufacturers will even provide a protective coating to make their chainsaw chaps virtually waterproof.


Fit may seem like a convenience quality, but when using a dangerous power tool like a chainsaw, becomes a safety concern. Granted, the fit generally needs to meet a baseline to avoid this trap, but poorly fitting chainsaw chaps have the ability to present risks. For one, most chainsaw chaps are held in place with straps buckled by plastic clasps. The materials involved in this are not terribly relevant as they generally serve their function, but the design of the clasps may be important. Specifically, a number of cheaper chainsaw chaps will include low-quality clasps that can come loose while moving. Depending on what you are doing at the time, this can leave you dangerously exposed as the wrong moment. It is also worth noting that proper chainsaw use has a lot to do with position and poorly fitting chainsaw chaps can affect your maneuverability or range of motion.


Since chainsaw chaps are worn over top of pants, convenience can go a long way in determining whether you want to wear them or not. For example, if you work in a hotter climate, you are probably going to want to get chainsaw chaps that are lighter weight. Even better, some companies are able to use advanced weaving processes that make the chainsaw chaps breathable without sacrificing protection or general durability. Another thing to consider is that, being worn over your pants, chainsaw chaps cover up your pockets. In order to account for this, many chainsaw chaps sport pockets of their own, though their quality and convenience vary depending on the design.


Why Chainsaw Chaps?

Unless you are a professional landscaper, you may not necessarily be aware of the different types of protective clothing available when using a chainsaw. While face and hand protection are fairly evident and easy to distinguish, protection for your legs may not be so simple. In this instance, it comes down to what type of cutting you expect to do and how easy you want your leg protection to be. The three main types of protective leggings are chaps, pants, and bibs, each offering more protection as you go.

Pants do not offer that much more protection that chainsaw chaps do except to the back of your legs. While this is definitely an advantage, about one-third of chainsaw injuries occur on the front of the legs with far fewer reaching the back. Bibs offer even more protection to the front, acting similarly as overalls combined with chaps. However, the bibs are generally used by professional loggers who are exposed to far more risk than even a professional landscaper. Ultimately, chainsaw chaps provide the right amount of protection for the average person, even a professional landscaper, without having to worry about an extensive process putting them on and taking them off.

How Do Chainsaw Chaps Work?

One thing that needs to be made clear is that chainsaw chaps use cut-resistant material, but that does not mean that they are cut-proof. In fact, the whole point of chainsaw chaps is that the material should be cut, but it then stops the chainsaw before it gets to your skin. The main way that chainsaw chaps accomplish this feat is through the use of ballistic weave materials. Some of the most expensive models will use Kevlar, the same material used for bullet-proof vests, but that is not necessary for stopping a chainsaw.

Basically, the ballistic weave fibers, which are almost always made of synthetic materials, are pulled into the chainsaw by the chain. Once the fibers are pulled into the chainsaw body, they either clog the chain or the chain drive, jamming the chainsaw. It is important to note that chainsaw chaps are not meant to be used with electric chainsaws. The way and electric chainsaw’s motor works is different from a gas-powered engine, and the chainsaw chaps may not be able to adequately jam an electric chainsaw.

What to Look For?

Obviously, when you purchase protective gear, the overwhelming point is to make sure you are well-protected. However, due to the use of different materials and weaves, it can be a bit difficult to figure out which pair of chainsaw chaps actually offer the most protection. There are some materials where fewer layers of protective fabric will still offer more protection than other chainsaw chaps with more layers of inferior materials. It is also important to consider the durability of the outer shell, though this will be more relevant to long term durability more than protection from the chainsaw.

Another important factor is comfort and fit as these can make wearing chainsaw chaps a breeze or a pain. The weight is somewhat important, though few chainsaw chaps are truly that heavy. However, the weight is often tied to the bulk which will impact maneuverability and is a legitimate safety concern. On top of that, the heavier the materials used generally the less breathable the chainsaw chaps are– something that matters more in hot climates.


As you can see, there are a fair number of different levels or grades of chainsaw chaps, each with their best setting. Taking the top of our list, the Husqvarna technical apron chaps have the best shell while also offering excellent stopping Tek fabric. To be fair, the homeowner’s Husqvarna offers many of the same benefits at a lower cost, but they are not quite as protective. Taking our top pick spot, the Stihl chainsaw chaps are significantly more expensive than their competitors but use some of the highest quality materials we came across. The Forester chainsaw chaps do not offer quite as much protection as our top-rated picks, but they are still solid– especially for the price. Finally, the Oregon chainsaw chaps are actually fairly well constructed, but they are some of the least convenient we came across.