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Best Corded Jigsaw Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Corded Jigsaw Reviews 2019

Whether you are a contractor or a woodworker, your trusty table saw and convenient circular saw can only take you so far. Before too long, you are going to need a power saw that can make extremely precise cuts or curved cuts. That is why we put together a list of the 5 best corded jigsaw reviews of 2019. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you know what actually makes one jigsaw better than another. While we think that the Bosch and DEWALT are the best options for woodworkers and contractors, respectively, you have to keep reading to see our best value.

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Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws – JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw – 120V Low-Vibration, 7.0-Amp Variable Speed For Smooth Cutting Up To 5-7/8″ Inch on Wood, 3/8″ Inch on Steel For Countertop, Woodworking – Best Seller

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Out of all of the companies on our list, few are as well-respected or better-suited to make a jigsaw than Bosch. It does not hurt that Bosch is easily the oldest and most experienced company we reviewed with a storied history that stretches back over 130 years. In fact, Bosch is easily one of the top professional-grade power tool manufacturers with power tools that often exceed the capabilities of even their comparable competition. On top of that, Bosch power tools place a primary focus on providing long-term durability and high-end precision. To provide these qualities, Bosch has had a tendency to sacrifice the top-end power that some of its competitors offer. However, that is not the case with the Bosch corded jigsaw which manages to provide an incredibly powerful jigsaw while still holding itself to the same high standards of their general company philosophy.

Powerful Cuts
One thing that generally separates Bosch power tools from their competitors is an increased focus on precision and durability. That said, Bosch often allowed their products to be slightly less powerful than many of their top competitors in order to ensure their products were more precise. Thankfully, the Bosch corded jigsaw was able to find a way to maintain their high level of precision and durability while competing at the highest levels in terms of cutting power. This begins with the most powerful motor on our list which is able to cut with 7 amps of power. To be fair, the jigsaw market often sees the tools hover within a closer range of power, but this still works out in Bosch’s favor. In fact, the sheer cutting power from the Bosch jigsaw allows it to make the deepest cuts that we found with a maximum cutting thickness of 5 ⅞”.

Keep in mind, this does not mean that the Bosch corded jigsaw will be able to cut straight through a workpiece that is 5 ⅞” thick. But, you can rely on the Bosch jigsaw to cut through both sides of the workpiece for 5 ⅞” total thickness. A big part of this massive maximum cutting thickness comes from the large cutting stroke of a full inch. It is worth noting that while the Bosch jigsaw is still one of the more precise options on the market, cutting into a workpiece without cutting through it can throw off the blade’s straightness a bit. This is most notable when you are cutting curves, but you can account for this flex by simply cutting slower. However, this is still far better than most of the other products we reviewed which cannot compete at these levels.

Great Build
As mentioned prior, the Bosch corded jigsaw is the most powerful product on our list, but they still made it a point to provide many of the high-end features which help maintain its precision and durability. For one, the Bosch jigsaw comes with a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum base plate that also comes with a steel insert for extra durability. While not all die-cast aluminum base plates are made equally, you do not have to worry about the Bosch jigsaw’s base plate bending quite while in use. In fact, this is one of the few baseplates that can potentially survive a drop without bending out of alignment– though we obviously do not recommend putting that to the test. This external durability is only increased with the inclusion of an aluminum gearbox further protected by constant response circuitry. The Bosch jigsaw comes with a dust blower, though it is not necessarily the most powerful that we found. However, this is one of the few jigsaws we came across where the dust blower is variable, offering different levels of power depending on the material being cut.

Beyond the actual structural build of the Bosch jigsaw itself, there are also a number of features included to make using the tool easier as well. For instance, this is actually one of the few jigsaws we reviewed which comes with a low vibration design that functionally reduces the vibration produced– not just the vibrations felt. This feature follows in the footsteps of a precision-machined plunge control to provide the most precision when using the Bosch jigsaw to make one of the more difficult cuts. The Bosch corded jigsaw also aims to offer accessibility and is one of the few jigsaws we encountered that provides an ambidextrous lock-on button for both right and left-handed users. It is worth noting that the splinter guard does not seem to prevent splinters as well as desired and can actually introduce some imprecision into the cutting action.

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  • Has a 7-amp motor
  • Has 4 cutting actions
  • Has a variable speed dial
  • Has a die-cast foot
  • Has a low vibration design
  • Has a 5 ⅞” maximum cutting thickness


  • Is a more expensive jigsaw
  • Not the best splinter guard

DEWALT Jig Saw, Top Handle, 5.5-Amp (DW317K) – Top Pick

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It might come as a surprise considering how well-known DEWALT power tools are, but this is actually the youngest company on our list. That said, this relative youth should be taken in stride as DEWALT still boasts a fairly extensive history that goes back almost a century. On top of that, DEWALT has been a manufacturer of professional-grade power tools for almost its entire existence. Granted, there was a bit of a drop in quality immediately following DEWALT’s acquisition by BLACK+DECKER, but the parent company-branded DEWALT as their professional-grade line. In response to this, DEWALT power tools have been steadily regaining their reputation and improving their quality. For our purposes, the DEWALT corded jigsaw may not be the absolute top-performer, but its price, while still a bit high, offers a good comparison with the other professional-grade products on our list.

Good Cuts
It should be noted that the DEWALT jigsaw does not actually have an issue with its cutting performance. However, it is not one of the more powerful jigsaws we reviewed, though the motor which uses 5 ½ amps is more than adequate for most general contractor work. On top of that, the DW317K corded jigsaw distinguishes itself further with a blade that reciprocates a full inch on the stroke providing it one of the better maximum cutting thicknesses. The DEWALT corded jigsaw is also able to make all of the relevant cuts with a shoe that bevels up to 45-degrees with stops at 15 and 30-degrees. The DEWALT DW317K jigsaw’s shoe is further adjustable to provide increased control and precision with its cut.

Though, it should be noted that, much like other professional-grade jigsaws, the blade is known to flex a bit when cutting into, but not through, thicker work materials. Unfortunately, the DEWALT corded jigsaw does not seem to show the same kind of power that allows you simply slow down your cutting speed to account for this. As such, you should probably limit your plunge cuts to softer woods and leave hardwood plunge cuts to other tools. Of course, if you simply need to rip through workpieces, the DEWALT corded jigsaw has you covered with 4 different orbital patterns, so you can control the aggressiveness of your cut.

Good Build
As DEWALT works itself back up to its former glory, it should be noted that the DW317K corded jigsaw is not strictly the best cutting product on our list. However, these limitations are pretty much limited to the highest levels of woodworking and do not impede its performance for most general contractor work. It does not hurt that, while still somewhat expensive compared to some of the mid-tier and consumer-grade jigsaws on our list, the DW317K jigsaw is still the least expensive professional-grade power tool we reviewed. On top of that, the DEWALT corded jigsaw might actually be the most durable option on our list due in no small part because of its all-metal gear case. Aside from the fact that this allows the DEWALT jigsaw to take more rigorous abuse on the job site, it also serves to protect the internal gear works from dust and other obstructions.

One potential area of concern is that the toolless blade change comes with a bit of a caveat that can make it a bit inconvenient. Specifically, if you need to adjust the blade’s position, which does require a tool, you need to be careful not to impact the blade clamp or else you risk loosening the spring that holds the blade in place. That said, the DEWALT DW317K corded jigsaw is noted for its fairly easy to use as the blade change only requires a single lever that operates without issue otherwise. Still, another potential concern with the DEWALT jigsaw is the fact that it does not come with a dust blower. This is also one of the heavier jigsaws that we reviewed, coming in at a hefty 6 pounds which will definitely increase user fatigue when using it for an extended period of time.

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  • Has a 5 ½-amp motor
  • Has 4 cutting patterns
  • Has variable speed control
  • Has an all-metal gear case
  • Is easy to use
  • Has a 1” cutting stroke

  • Is a more expensive jigsaw
  • Not the most stable blade

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345) – Best Value

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PORTER-CABLE is a company with a fairly good reputation, though they never really have positioned themselves as a professional-grade brand. To be fair, this is not to suggest that PORTER-CABLE power tools cannot be used for professional jobs, but they often lack some of the higher-end features that truly separate the professional-grade power tools from the mid-tier. That said, PORTER-CABLE is an experienced power tool manufacturer with over 110 years of experience behind it. On top of that, PORTER-CABLE was one of the few power tool brands acquired by BLACK+DECKER that did not really see too much of a decrease in its quality.

Solid Cuts
One of the more notable qualities of the PORTER-CABLE corded jigsaw is the fact that it provides the second-most powerful motor on our list. At 6 amps, the PORTER-CABLE jigsaw is able to chew through wood that many other jigsaws we reviewed may struggle with. On the other hand, the PCE345 corded jigsaw is not really known for its precision and is probably best-suited for general contractor work as opposed to any woodworking projects. Part of this comes from the fact that the PORTER-CABLE cutting patterns are not quite as finely tuned as some of the other jigsaws we encountered. That said, the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 corded jigsaw does not lack for cutting power with the aggressiveness of its cuts.

Solid Build
As a generally mid-tier brand, PORTER-CABLE often suffers from some absent features or those that do not perform quite as well as higher-rated products. In this regard, the PORTER-CABLE jigsaw definitely suffers from a substandard dust blower. Aside from the fact that the blower does not necessarily provide the best sightline, it is noted for blowing the dust upwards into the user’s face as opposed to away from the tool altogether. On the other hand, the PORTER-CABLE features a reasonably ergonomic design with one of the more natural handles that we came across. On top of that, it is just under 5 ½ pounds making it relatively easy to use for long periods of time without too much user fatigue.

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  • Is a less expensive jigsaw
  • Has a 6-amp motor
  • Has 4 cutting patterns
  • Has variable speed control
  • Is easy to use
  • Is an ergonomic jigsaw


  • Does not have good dust control
  • Not the most precise cutting

Hitachi CJ90VST 5.5 Amp Variable Speed Jig Saw with Blower – Runner Up

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Hitachi is interesting in that the company has been around for well over a century providing ample experience. However, they are also currently going through a bit of a transition in terms of their corporate structure. Having recently been sold off to Metabo, a German company, the future of Hitachi products is a bit uncertain. That said, it does seem as if Hitachi power tools will follow their previous approach which is providing a reasonable mid-tier offering. That said, Metabo may very well be trying to position Hitachi as a professional-grade brand considering how they price them. Unfortunately, the actual product still has a little ways to go before it can ascend to the professional-grade quality.

Decent Cuts
The Hitachi corded jigsaw is definitely a bit interesting in that it provides a surprisingly precise cut for a mid-tier jigsaw. To be fair, it does not have the most powerful motor on our list, only drawing 5 ½ amps. However, the Hitachi jigsaw includes a couple of other features to try and mitigate this somewhat lower-powered motor to increase the precision. For example, the Hitachi CJ90VST corded jigsaw comes with one of the better dust blowers on our list. Not only is this feature important for keeping your sightline clear, but it also helps make sure that you do not introduce sawdust or other cuttings into the cut.

Okay Build
From a pure durability perspective, the CJ90VST corded jigsaw is a fairly good product with a reasonable lifespan. It comes with a cast aluminum base plate that is strong enough to handle a rigorous workload without weighing down the user. The real issue with the CJ90VST jigsaw comes from its blade change mechanism which should otherwise be great. Basically, the Hitachi jigsaw uses a keyless blade change lever like a number of other corded jigsaws. The problem comes from the fact that the lever itself is difficult to use which can make changing the blade a pain. That said, if you change the blade properly, the Hitachi CJ90VST jigsaw is not noted for any of the blade play that some of its competitors suffer from.

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  • Has a 5 ½-amp motor
  • Has 4 cutting patterns
  • Has variable speed control
  • Has a cast aluminum base plate
  • Is an ergonomic jigsaw
  • Has a powerful dust blower


  • Is a more expensive jigsaw
  • Not the easiest blade change

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw, 5.0-Amp – Also Consider

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BLACK+DECKER might be one of the most popular and well-known power tool manufacturers that we reviewed. Aside from the fact that they offer a full lineup of various power tools, they also happen to own most of the other American power tool brands too. That said, BLACK+DECKER is definitely not a professional-grade power tool manufacturer, nor are they even really a mid-tier manufacturer. Instead, BLACK+DECKER is best understood as a consumer-grade power tool manufacturer best-suited for the weekend warrior and sporadic DIYer.

DIY Ready
Since the BLACK+DECKER corded jigsaw is made for the homeowner, it only makes sense that it comes with some nice convenience features. For example, while most corded jigsaws that we reviewed feature a wire guard, the BLACK+DECKER jigsaw might offer one of the best sightlines we found. Even better than that, you also do not even need to know what kind of blade to get as the BDEJS600C corded jigsaw accepts both T and U-shank blades. However, the BLACK+DECKER jigsaw does hold the t-shank blades more securely than the u-shank ones. On top of that, this might be one of the more ergonomic handles we encountered with a large rubber overmold.

Iffy Cuts
Whenever you look for a budget-friendly product, you always hope that the savings do not come at the cost of performance. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C corded jigsaw. First, the BDEJS600C jigsaw has the least powerful motor on our list, drawing only 5 amps. While this is not too much less than some of the other options we reviewed, this jigsaw is definitely noted for bogging down more and needing a slower cut. On top of that, the BLACK+DECKER jigsaw seems to have lower-quality roller guides as the cuts are less precise than most other jigsaws we came across. However, if you are a homeowner who only occasionally needs a jigsaw, the BLACK+DECKER corded jigsaw does feature variable speed control and 4 different cutting patterns to increase the aggressiveness of the cut.

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  • Is a less expensive jigsaw
  • Can accept numerous blades
  • Has 4 cutting patterns
  • Has a solid sightline
  • Is a lightweight jigsaw
  • Has a rubber overmold


  • Is a less powerful jigsaw
  • Not the most precise cutting

Best Corded Jigsaw Buying Guide 2019

Cutting Power

As with any power saw, the cutting power is one of the most important qualities, though it is often a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to jigsaws. The reason for this is that as a jigsaw’s cutting power increases it generally cuts less precisely, making the balance of these two qualities especially important. Cutting power is generally represented by the power draw of the jigsaw’s motor which is rated in amps. However, most jigsaw motors draw within a couple of amps of one another, so this is not always the most reliable method for determining cutting power. On top of that, the blade speed of jigsaws also stays within a fairly narrow window, though it can usually adjust. As such, you will also need to consider the quality of the gear works when judging a jigsaw’s cutting power.

Cutting Patterns

One of the more useful features of a jigsaw is its ability to adjust the aggressiveness of its cut. However, jigsaws accomplish this function by allowing for the blade to move side to side at larger amounts. This type of cutting pattern is known as an orbital cutting pattern and is distinguished from the pendulum cutting pattern. That said, it often takes a bit of experience to know how aggressive a cutting pattern you should use. This is because, unlike the pendulum cutting pattern, the orbital cutting pattern decreases the precision of the cut as it increases the aggressiveness of the cut. On the flip side, the orbital cutting pattern has the advantage of not bogging down or pinching the blade as much as with the pendulum cutting pattern. Some corded jigsaws even offer both types of cutting patterns, but this is becoming increasingly rare.


Since jigsaws are used primarily to make intricate cuts or curved cuts, precision is the primary quality to look for. While the cutting power needs to be balanced with the stability and build of the jigsaw, various guides and other components also come into play. While this does not necessarily affect the blade as much– assuming it is not horribly misaligned– the base plate of a jigsaw will often impact the user’s ability to make precise cuts. That said, base plates will generally be made of aluminum to provide a strong, durable material that does not add too much weight to the tool. Beyond the base plate, the actual guiding rollers of the jigsaw are also important, though they can be difficult to gauge without first-hand experience.


Because of the type of cuts jigsaws make, the ergonomics of a jigsaw is generally a bit more important than for many other types of power saws. With other power saws, you might want to look for ergonomics if you plan to use the tool for hours on end. However, jigsaw’s extreme need for precision means that the tool should feel comfortable and easy to control pretty much the entire time that you use it. While weight is a defining factor in a jigsaw’s ergonomics, the shape and grip of the handle also play an important role. Generally, you want to look for a handle with a soft-grip material that also fits the natural shape of your hand. Some professional-grade jigsaws also introduce anti-vibration designs to increase precision, both generally and ergonomically.


Why Use a Corded Jigsaw?

With all of the different power saws on the market, it can be a bit confusing to figure out exactly why you need to use a jigsaw in the first place. However, jigsaws are some of the most versatile power saws on the market, capable of making cuts most power saws cannot. Easily one of the biggest reasons to use a jigsaw is the fact that it can make organic, curved cuts much quicker and easier than pretty much any other type of handheld power saw. Granted, bandsaws and other, larger power saws may be able to match a jigsaw, but they are also much more expensive and requires a large workspace.

Beyond curved cuts, jigsaws also offer the ability to make plunge cuts much easier than other types of power saws too. Granted, this requires a bit of prep work, but no other handheld power saw can cut a hole in a workpiece as easily or quickly as a jigsaw can. That said, there are cordless jigsaws on the market, so why should you choose a corded jigsaw instead? This actually comes down to cutting power where a corded jigsaw, with a dedicated power supply, generally provides more cutting power than cordless jigsaws. This is especially important for professional contractor jobs, but it also comes into play with hardwood woodworker projects too.

What About Jigsaw Blades?

While jigsaws are often used for their ability to cut intricate designs and curved patterns, they can do much more than that. Though they are not always the first choice for the purpose, jigsaws are often able to use special blades so that they can cut metal. While there might be a fair number of other power saws on the market that can do the same, few of them are able to do so in this profile. Specifically, jigsaws are some of the smallest, lightest power saw that can cut through metal which is especially helpful if you are working on plumbing in confined quarters.

Beyond metal, jigsaws are also great for cutting other softer materials like plastic or fiberglass. The ability of most jigsaws to adjust their cutting speed and pattern allows them to maintain a high level of precision regardless of the material that they cut. However, these materials will often require their own blade as well, and it is just as important to consider the shape of the blade. While U-shank jigsaw blades are often noted for being easier to change, T-shank jigsaw blades are the professional standard as they fit tighter and cut more precisely.

What to Look for?

By far the most important quality when it comes to jigsaws is precision, though there is no real standard for this aspect. Instead, you simply have to either test the jigsaw out yourself or rely on other reports, though the blade guides can give you a clue. If the blade guides are made out of strong materials and feature precision-machined rollers, you are more likely to get a precise cut. Another important feature for the precision of the cut is the base plate as weak base plates have a tendency to bend or flex and throw off the accuracy of your cut.

One quality that is technically important but often equitable enough across different jigsaws is the blade speed. This rating is given in spm, or strokes per minute, but does not really tell you how powerful the jigsaw is. In this instance, the amps that the motor uses can help give a better idea and will definitely impact how well the jigsaw cuts under load. While most jigsaws may only differ by a few amps, those amps are often important when determining how well the jigsaw will cut through different types of wood or when making complicated cuts.


As we can see, there is a corded jigsaw for every application and every level of skill, whether you are a contractor or a woodworker. If you need a jigsaw to make some of the more difficult cuts without worrying about precision, the Bosch offers a finely tuned option. Of course, if you simply need a jigsaw for a professional job site that can get the job done without too much fuss, DEWALT slides in at a lower price. If you need a jigsaw that offers plenty of cutting power but will not cut too deeply into your wallet, we recommend the PORTER-CABLE. The Hitachi corded jigsaw may be a bit overpriced, but it comes with some of the best convenience features for the DIYer. Finally, the BLACK+DECKER is an incredibly cheap jigsaw, but you definitely sacrifice a good bit of cutting power and precision for that value.