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Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews 2019

With summer coming to a close, it will soon be time to trim the branches around your home in preparation for autumn weather. Manual or gas-powered options either take too much time or are noisy and smelly, which is exactly when an electric option would come in handy. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best electric pole saw reviews of 2019. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you can properly parse through the various options. While the Greenworks is convenient and the Poulan Pro is the most professional, you have to keep reading to find our best value.

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Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20672 – Best Seller

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Greenworks is definitely a more recently founded company with less than a decade and a half of experience behind them, but they are still one of the better companies on our list for its specific purposes. This is because Greenworks, unlike most manufacturers of outdoor lawn care equipment, have a fairly particular specialization. In an effort to help reduce carbon emissions and stave off the consumer-level causes of climate change, Greenworks focuses exclusively on electric lawn care tools. While this includes smaller such tools like blowers and pole saws, it actually extends much further into product categories not commonly expected to be electric such as lawnmowers. It is also important to note that Greenworks continues to innovate in the electric lawn care tool market, having won numerous awards in the category over their short time in existence.

Solid Consumer-Grade
It is fair to consider that Greenworks is not a professional-grade lawn care power tool manufacturer, though few electric pole saws are intended to be such. That said, this means that most manufacturers of electric pole saws would do well to consider their consumer base and appeal to their particular needs. Greenworks makes it a point to do so by providing a solid number of convenience features as well as design choices that make it superior to many of its competitors. For instance, this is actually one of the lighter electric pole saws on our list, which is especially important for older users. That said, with most electric pole saws lacking a strap attachment, it is even more important here where you will be expected to hold and lift the product unaided. What is even more remarkable about this aspect is the fact that the Greenworks electric pole saw was able to achieve this lightweight design while still making their extension pole out of the more durable aluminum instead of a lighter, more fragile material.

Convenient Approach
Another feature that helps the Greenworks electric pole saw stand out is its power source as this is one of the few cordless electric pole saws that we reviewed. This is important because it allows you to take the pole saw virtually anywhere without having to worry about how you will power it. While that may not necessarily be too much of an issue near or around your home, it can definitely get a bit trickier if you have a large property or need to do some trimming away from an outlet. It is worth remembering that the Greenworks electric pole saw is the most expensive product on our list, however, it also comes with a battery and charger. The battery itself is a 40V model which provides plenty of juice to use for an extended period of time. On top of that, the Greenworks 40V battery is part of a lineup approach that allows you to use it with other Greenworks lawn care tools from the same line. Moreover, if you already have other Greenworks 40V batteries from tools in this lineup, you can use those with this product as well.

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  • Is a cordless electric pole saw
  • Has a 40V motor
  • Is a lightweight electric pole saw
  • The shaft is made of aluminum
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Has an easy chain tensioner


  • Is the most expensive electric pole saw reviewed
  • Not the most powerful

Poulan Pro PPB40PS, 40-Volt 8 in. Cordless Pole Saw – Top Pick

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Poulan Pro is another company on our list that has not necessarily been around as some of the venerable names in lawn care equipment, but it does still offer some excellent options in the lawn care tool market. In fact, this is actually one of the few brands on our list that offers a wide range of different grades of lawn care equipment spanning both the consumer and professional-grade market. Hailing from professional lumberjacks in Louisiana, Poulan Pro understands what it takes to provide professional-grade performance in even an unlikely form, such as an electric pole saw. That is not to suggest that the Poulan Pro PPB40PS electric pole saw is without its issues, but it is definitely one of the more well-rounded products in this market that we encountered. To be fair, it may be a bit more difficult to find one of these electric pole saws, but if you do, it will not be hard to understand why we rated it our top pick.

Best Cordless
As the subtitle informs, the Poulan Pro electric pole saw is one of the few cordless electric pole saws that we reviewed. This is not for a lack of want, but electric pole saws are often a bit on the weaker side when compared to their gas-powered counterparts in the first place. This discrepancy of cutting power is often only amplified when you look at the cordless electric pole saw market. Thankfully, Poulan Pro’s experience within the professional-grade market allows them to account for these issues without having to worry about the standard cordless power suck. We would even go so far as to suggest that the PPB40PS electric pole saw is one of, if not, the most powerful electric pole saws that we reviewed, fully on par with any of the corded models we found. To be fair, the Poulan Pro electric pole saw would definitely be considered more powerful than the overwhelming majority of electric pole saws on the market, regardless of whether they were cordless or corded. However, this cordless electric pole saw goes even further by providing one of the better battery lives that we found in general. 

Professional Burden
One thing to consider when looking at the Poulan Pro PPB40PS electric pole saw is exactly how much power you need. A big part of this is because the more power you require, generally the more tool you will require as well. While some manufacturers are able to skirt this line a bit, more often than not it will require heavier-duty hardware under the hood. This is definitely the case with the Poulan Pro electric pole saw, as this option comes in as one of the heavier products we reviewed. That said, Poulan Pro is not unaware of this issue and makes it a point to try and help accommodate the additional weight the best it can. While they do not offer a harness or strap to help in this endeavor, they do make it a point to offer a more ergonomic design. First, the PPB40PS electric pole saw uses a thick, soft handhold to help make sure that you do not lose grip during use. However, it is definitely more convenient in this particular case that the Poulan Pro positions the grip so that you do not have to worry about a top-heavy design like with some of the other options we encountered. On top of that, the 40V battery is part of the ProLink Rapid Attachment System which allows you to use it with a wide range of different Poulan Pro electric lawn care power tools. It is also able to power the PPB40PS base when other lawn care attachments and accessories are used instead of the pole saw head.

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  • Is a cordless electric pole saw
  • Has a 40V motor
  • Is ergonomically designed
  • Part of the ProLink Rapid Attachment System
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Has great battery life


  • Is a heavier electric pole saw
  • Will leak oil

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System – Best Value

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Sun Joe is an interesting company for a couple of reasons, though the primary may be that it is actually just a different lineup from its parent company. Specifically, Sun Joe is the lawn care power tool subsidiary brand that is part of the Snow Joe company. This does mean that this company actually specializes in products other than lawn care equipment, though they seem to understand from where many of the industry leaders draw their inspiration. Sun Joe also has a dedication towards innovation, though this particular product is definitely part of their older, more established lineups. However, when you consider what you get compared to the price that you pay, it is pretty easy to see why we rated the Sun Joe SWJ800E as our best value electric pole saw.

Unexpected Specs
When you look for a less expensive product, you generally expect to find some flaws the company accepts in order to provide a cheaper alternative. What you do not usually expect to find with the least expensive product you review are specs that actually top the list and supersede those of products significantly more expensive, but that is exactly what we have with the Sun Joe electric pole saw. For instance, even though it is a corded model, the SWJ800E electric pole saw is the lightest product that we reviewed which will help stave off user fatigue from extended use. What makes this even more notable is the fact that the Sun Joe electric pole saw also has one of the longest telescopic poles we reviewed at 8.7’. It is worth noting, however, that not all specs are superior to their more expensive counterparts as the Sun Joe is also one of the least powerful electric pole saws we reviewed. With only a 6.5 amp motor, this is actually the second least powerful corded electric pole saw on our list.

Nice Additions
While there is definitely some room to grumble at the relatively weak cutting power provided by the Sun Joe SWJ800E electric pole saw when compared to its competitors, the company still goes out of its way to provide a high-quality product. For instance, this is the only electric pole saw on our list that goes the extra mile to use an Oregon cutting bar which comes with solid anti-kickback features. On top of that, this is also the only electric pole saw we found that has an automatic stopping function. Most of the other models we came across will still run the chain for a few seconds as the motor powers down. When you combine these two features, they make the Sun Joe electric pole saw the safest option by far.

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  • Is the least expensive electric pole saw reviewed
  • Has a longer telescoping extension pole
  • Is the lightest electric pole saw reviewed
  • Has an Oregon cutting bar
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Is a safer electric pole saw


  • Is a less powerful electric pole saw
  • Will leak oil

WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″ 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension – Runner Up

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WORX is unlikely to be one of the first companies you consider when you think about outdoor lawn care equipment, let alone electric pole saws. That said, the company was founded in 2004 to be a direct competitor with BLACK+DECKER in the consumer-grade power tool market and has done a fair amount to distinguish it from its competitors. While these products are generally a tad more expensive than other consumer-grade brands, they also make it a point to offer features that you will not find elsewhere. The WORX WG309 electric pole saw is a primary example of this, and while it has some unique flaws, these are also what make it the best choice for other people.

Great Specs
In the electric pole saw market, you generally do not expect to find the best specs– for that, you would use a gas-powered model. However, the ability to ignore fuel and oil mixtures is often too good to pass up, even if it means sacrificing a bit of power. The WORX electric pole saw attempts to buck that trend by providing a list leading 8-amp motor that is easily the most powerful we reviewed. Not only that, but this motor is then complemented with a drive that can generate chain speeds of up to 8 ½ m/s, again topping our list for the second time. As if the WG309 electric pole saw were not impressive enough, it takes things a step further by also providing the largest chain bar on our list at 10”. Suffice it to say that if you are looking for an electric pole saw that can approach professional-grade performance, then it will be a bit difficult to do better than the WORX WG309 electric pole saw.

Unique Design
When comparing the WORX electric pole saw to the other options on our list, the sheer difference in performance was fairly impressive. However, one of the main ways that the WG309 electric pole saw was able to accomplish this feat was by sticking a fully-functional chainsaw to the end of the pole. Keep in mind, when we say “fully-functional,” we mean that quite literally as this electric pole saw can actually detach the “head” and be used as a small chainsaw in its own right. What makes this even more remarkable is the fact that WORX was still able to keep the weight of its product down. That said, it should be noted that the use of chainsaw at the end of an extended pole does have a tendency to make this option a bit top-heavy. While that is not inherently the worst quality, the fact that it then does not have additional safety features can make it a bit less safe to use in the hands of an inexperienced user than some of the other options on our list.

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  • Has the largest blade reviewed
  • Has the most powerful motor reviewed
  • Has a chain speed of 8 ½ m/s
  • Is easier to use
  • Can be used as a small chainsaw
  • Is a lightweight electric pole saw


  • Not as safe as some
  • Is a more expensive electric pole saw

Earthwise PS43008 8-Inch 6-Amp Corded Electric Telescopic Pole Saw with 3-Position Head – Also Consider

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Earthwise is another company which is actually just a subsidiary brand of a larger parent company. However, Earthwise has the advantage of coming from a company with an extensive and storied history. The American Lawn Mower company has been around for nearly 125 years and specializes exclusively in outdoor lawn care equipment. While the company owns a couple different well-known and respected brands, Earthwise is their entry into the clean energy market. While there are definitely some unique aspects to the Earthwise PS43008 electric pole saw, there are also some outdated engineering choices which push it to the bottom of our list as well.

Further Reach
A pole saw’s primary purpose for being, regardless of how it is powered, is to provide you more reach to trim branches that are high off of the ground. Earthwise takes this challenge to heart and goes significantly further than any of the other options on our list by providing a telescoping pole that can extend out to 9 ½’ which is a full foot further than its next closest competitor. Granted, certain professional-grade electric pole saws can extend further, but they are generally gas-powered or manual. That said, the additional reach provided by the longer pole does come with the caveat that this is also one of the heavier electric pole saws on our list, despite the Eartherwise using fiberglass.

Up and Down
The cutting action of the Earthwise electric pole saw is decent but not great and achieves this balance through some uncommon features. First, it is important to note that the PS43008 electric pole saw has the least powerful motor that we reviewed, but it accounts for this in a couple of unique ways. One, this is the only electric pole saw we found that advertises an inline motor to maximize the amount of cutting torque it can generate. On top of that, it is also one of the few electric pole saws we encountered which allows you to adjust the head position. This is important because not only does the longer pole provide for an extended reach, but you can better maneuver the cutting head depending on its angle.

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  • Is a less expensive electric pole saw
  • Has the longest telescoping extension pole reviewed
  • Has 3 different head positions
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Has an inline motor
  • Has an Oregon bar


  • Is the least powerful electric pole saw reviewed
  • Is a heavier electric pole saw

Best Electric Pole Saw Buying Guide 2019


While this is not necessarily the most important aspect when considering the cutting performance, it is likely to be one of the more relevant for choosing the right electric pole saw for your particular situation. This is because electric pole saws can come in either a corded or cordless model with each carrying their own specific caveats. That said, it should be noted that the difference in these two power sources is not quite as divergent as with other power tools or outdoor lawn care equipment, but it is still one of the more important considerations.


Cordless models have the obvious advantage of portability and maneuverability since they are not tethered to an outlet. However, you will either need to pick wisely to ensure your model gets good battery life or maybe even spend more money to get an extra battery. While the difference is not as pronounced as with other product categories, it is still fairly common for cordless models to be less powerful than their corded counterparts. This is especially true when the electric pole saw actually comes across some real resistance while cutting.


Corded models, as inferred, do have the advantage of providing more regular power to the motor throughout the use. Cordless models can sometimes vary in the amount of power provided to the motor, especially when the cutting resistance creates additional drain. This often translates into a reduction of cutting power as the battery cannot often account for the additional power necessary to increase cutting capability. While corded models can provide more power as needed, they also have to be tethered to an outlet. On top of that, having to manage an extension cord is even more troublesome with a product that requires you to keep your eyes looking upwards.


This is an especially difficult quality to gauge within the electric pole saw market because there are not any specs or metrics used that provide a consistent reference to the product’s performance. If the electric pole saw is corded, you can look at the motor’s amperage, but this can even be somewhat accounted for with other design choices. The specific type of drive used to spin the chain around the bar, for example, can help maximize the power output from an otherwise weaker motor. Things get even more confusing when you consider a cordless electric pole saw because the voltage of the battery will rarely tell the whole story. Two cordless electric pole saws can use batteries with the same exact voltage but still have incredibly different cutting powers. As noted prior, while the gap between the two different types of electric pole saws has narrowed significantly, it is still a general expectation that a corded model will outperform a cordless model in terms of cutting power. This is especially true when you are comparing the two types while cutting into especially dense woods as the cordless model will often have difficulty ramping up the cutting torque. Of course, electric pole saws are not truly ideal for dealing with thicker or denser branches in the first place. It is also worth noting that while electric power tools have come a long way since their introduction, the electric pole saw market is still one that suffers from a lack of cutting power when compared to their gas-powered competitors.


Which Type to Choose?

Considering the two types are not terribly differentiated in terms of performance, there are only really a couple of factors that you should use for this consideration. First, the extension cord issue for corded models is not that big of a deal unless you have property that is an acre in size or larger– and even then, it mostly comes down to the necessary cable gauge more than anything else. Of course, you may want to opt for a cordless model simply due to the inherent ease and convenience of maneuverability. That said, if you have trees which are harder or denser than most, you will probably want to err on the side of continuous cutting power and go with a corded model. While this is not always the case, as we reviewed a cordless electric pole saw that can stand toe to toe with all but the most powerful corded models on our list, it is a general rule of thumb.

Safety Consideration?

While any kind of power saw or outdoor lawn care equipment will come with safety considerations, pole saws, whether electric or not, will usually require additional care. A big part of this is due to the natural design of the product which affixes a somewhat large cutting implement at the end of an extended pole. If you are not careful when maneuvering the pole saw, you can easily cut a branch which ultimately falls down on top of you. However, corded electric pole saws also have the additional issue being a potential tripping hazard during use. This comes about in response to the surprising situation that few corded electric pole saws are designed with cord management in mind. When you combine that design flaw with the fact that you are looking up the whole time while working, tripping becomes even more of a risk.

While that is a potential issue in and of itself, electric pole saws are also one of the few power saws on the market that lack some of the more common safety features found on other similar products. For instance, most chainsaws and even a fair number of gas-powered pole saws come with some form of internal clutch or brake to stop the chain once you release the throttle. It is then all the more surprising, and risky, that few electric pole saws employ this safety feature with most simply allowing the chain to stop through inertia.

What to Look For?

With so little to truly separate one option from the others, easily one of the best qualities to consider in the electric pole saw market is the product’s weight. The weight is likely to affect your fatigue over extended use more than anything else, especially true of electric pole saws which rarely have the necessary attachments for a strap to assist in carrying the tool. This is made even more relevant with the fact that you still must manually position and adjust your cutting angle while using the pole saw, even though it cuts for you.

Another primary consideration should be the length of the pole, though this will matter more depending on the maximum height you need to reach. Since most electric pole saws fall within about 1’ of each other, this will only matter in extreme circumstances– the same of which could be said for the size of the chain bar and maximum cutting thickness.


Ultimately, the choice between electric pole saws will likely come down to your particular setting as opposed to general specs. The Greenworks uses more durable materials while still managing to provide a lightweight option that is difficult to beat. The Poulan Pro is definitely one of the more powerful options on our list and also provides for a more ergonomic design despite being somewhat heavy. Sun Joe surprises with the least expensive option that still provides a better than expected reach. WORX is truly the surprising option as it offers better specs than pretty much every electric pole saw that we found, but they come at a price. Finally, the Earthwise may be somewhat underpowered, but it does offer unique maneuverability that none of the other options can match.