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Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews 2019

When doing work around the yard, it can be tempting to call a professional to handle overgrown and potentially dangerous branches. Of course, you can take care of the problem yourself, so long as you have the right tools. That is why we put together this list of the 5 best gas pole saw reviews with a helpful buyer’s guide to go along with it. While Remington and Poulan Pro stole the show, they are not the best for everyone looking for a pole saw.

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Remington RM25PS Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw – Best Seller

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If you are at all familiar with the outdoor landscaping market, you have probably heard of Remington. As one of the older and more experienced landscaping equipment manufacturers, Remington actually got it starts making professional-grade chainsaws for professional loggers. However, these days, Remington has shifted its approach from a professional-grade product more to a consumer-grade one. While this means that few Remington products are appropriate for professional jobs, it does allow for the company’s experience to provide one of the better products from a value perspective and helps explain why it is the best seller.

Solid Specs
When judging a pole trimmer, there are a number of specifications that manufacturers will throw at you, but some are more important than others. For instance, while cutting power is definitely important, that is not the reason you purchase a pole saw. A pole pruner needs to be able to reach farther than you can while still being able to take down a sizeable branch to justify the effort in the first place. Thankfully, even though the Remington might have one of the smaller engines and slower chain speeds, it is still able to generate significant torque and cut through thicker branches than most. On top of that, the Remington has one of the longer maximum height extension too. The one negative quality that Remington tops our list for is the weight which does mean that you will fatigue quicker using this pole saw than some others.

Incredibly Convenient
While convenience can be a bit take it or leave it in the professional-grade market, your average DIYer appreciates products which are easier to use and offer a wealth of value. For the value portion, not only is the Remington gas pole trimmer less expensive than a number of their competitors but they have an entire attachment lineup as well. Basically, this means that you can remove the pole saw attachment and use the engine to drive a different function. While these functions are limited to outdoor landscaping, this does allow you to save even more money by reducing the number of total products you have to purchase. On top of that, the Remington also sports an automatic chain oiler as well as a quick-start system.

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  • A less expensive pole saw
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Extends longer than most
  • Has a quick-start system
  • Has a larger maximum cutting diameter
  • Can accept numerous attachments


  • Has a smaller engine
  • The heaviest pole saw reviewed

Poulan Pro PR25PS, 8 in. 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw – Top Pick

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Poulan Pro may not necessarily be the oldest company on our list, but they have been around for a while and made a significant impact in that relatively short period of time. Granted, Poulan Pro has still been around for over 70 years, but as a family business, the company has definitely bucked conventions. These days, Poulan Pro actually offers both professional and consumer-grade landscaping equipment, though the Poulan Pro PR25PS pole saw is definitely more of a consumer-grade model. While Poulan Pro may not necessarily be known for their bells and whistles, they can zero in on different market needs fairly effectively. That is why we rated the Poulan Pro PR25PS as our top pick, even if it does have some nagging flaws.

Decent Specs
As mentioned prior, the primary reason to get a gas pruning saw is to be able to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. To this end, the Poulan Pro understands that principle all too well and provides the longest maximum extension height on our list. That said, this pole saw does have one of the smaller engines on our list which does inherently limit its cutting power as well as torque. On the other hand, the Poulan Pro does feature one of the fastest chain speeds that we found which will increase how quickly the pole saw can cut–even if it might be a bit more limited than the rest of the pole saws on our list with regard to maximum cutting diameter.

Continued Convenience
Much like some of the other products on our list, Poulan Pro recognizes that the market is moving towards a more modular direction. As such, Poulan Pro has developed its patented Pro-Link system which allows you to switch out different attachments. This greatly increases the Poulan Pro pole saw’s versatility, though the value is a bit lower since this is a more expensive trimming saw in general. Of course, Poulan Pro knows that this pole saw’s market is your average homeowner and provides a number of additional features of convenience. For instance, this pole saw features an automatic oiler as well as a shoulder strap to provide a quicker, easier experience.

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  • Is a safer pole saw
  • Has the longest pole reviewed
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Is ergonomically designed
  • Has a quicker chain speed
  • Can accept numerous attachments


  • A more expensive pole saw
  • Is a smaller pole saw

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Polesaw – Best Value

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TrimmerPlus is a bit unusual in that it is not actually its own company but is instead a subsidiary brand of the consumer-grade landscaping giant Troy-Bilt. This means that TrimmerPlus has more than 80 years of experience backing their development and a company focused on providing high-quality consumer-grade products since its inception. That said, the fact that TrimmerPlus is not even its own company is not even the most unusual quality about the TrimmerPlus. Unlike all of the other pole saws on our list, the TrimmerPlus is not even a complete pole saw but is instead an additional attachment.

Different Value
It is important to note that as a pole saw attachment, the TrimmerPlus’ primary flaw is that it cannot power itself. This means that you will first need to purchase a base pruning trimmer body and engine which can reduce the value a bit. However, if you can find a less expensive pole saw body and engine, then the TrimmerPlus provides by far one of the best values that we found. It is worth noting that neither TrimmerPlus nor Troy-Bilt offer the base and engine with a different product. Instead, you will be forced to purchase off-brand, but the TrimmerPlus does at least provide a universal attachment that works with the wide majority of pole saw bodies on the market.

Up and Down
Outside of its incredibly low price, the TrimmerPlus can be a bit hit or miss in terms of its performance. For instance, this pole saw attachment has one of the smaller maximum cutting diameters on our list at only 4” thick–though it should be noted that this is about average for a light-work pole saw. Of course, that ‘light-work’ moniker is put to the test as the TrimmerPlus is by far the lightest product we reviewed, though there is no way of knowing what the total user weight will be before you have the body and engine picked out. That said, the TrimmerPlus pole saw attachment is fairly easy to assemble with color coding and even comes with an automatic oiler. Finally, the TrimmerPlus is also UV protected which will help keep it looking fresh and new after years of use.

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  • The least expensive pole saw reviewed
  • Is a universal implement
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Is the lightest pole saw reviewed
  • Is easy to use
  • Is UV protected


  • Does not include an engine
  • Has a smaller maximum cutting diameter

Maxtra Gas Pole Saw, 42.7CC 2-Cycle 8.2FT to 11.4 FT Extendable Cordless Gas Chainsaw – Runner Up

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Maxtra can be a bit difficult to get a handle on since the company has very little presence and has no real reputation to mention. On top of that, Maxtra does not specialize in any given market, instead offering a random assortment of options from saddle pads to children’s toys. On the other hand, this pole saw definitely has a bit more capability than many of the other products we reviewed. In fact, this is likely the only pole saw on our list that is suitable for light-commercial work–though it is still a far cry from being truly professional. While it does have a place, it is so low on our list due primarily to a lack of value for the total cost.

Great Specs
While the Maxtra may be the most expensive pole saw on our list, it is also easily the most powerful pole saw too. This actually applies regardless of the cutting power spec that you choose, though this is not necessarily the most important part of a pole saw. That said, the Maxtra comes equipped with a beastly 42.7cc engine that can generate chain speeds up to 17.7 m/s–the second-fastest on our list. All combined, this cutting power allows the Maxtra to chew through some of the thickest branches we saw with its large 10” bar. Of course, the Maxtra is also the heaviest pole saw that we reviewed, though this is mostly engine weight.

Good Starter
Outside of its impressive cutting power, one of the more impressive qualities is the entire kit that comes with it which helps further justify its higher cost a bit. However, the Maxtra is actually also incredibly user-friendly with a number of convenient features meant to make using it easier. For instance, the Maxtra has a spring-loaded quick-start system as well as a quick chain oiler–though it should be noted that the oiler is not automatic. Though the Maxtra may be the heaviest pole saw on our list, it does come with a shoulder strap to help reduce user fatigue. On top of that, the Maxtra is one of the few pole saws we came across with an anti-vibration design.

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  • Has the largest engine reviewed
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Has an anti-vibration handle
  • Has a larger maximum cutting diameter
  • Has the fastest chain speed reviewed
  • Is easy to use


  • Is the heaviest pole saw reviewed
  • The most expensive pole saw reviewed

BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw – Also Consider

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Blue Max is another line that is actually a brand of a larger company, but neither Blue Max nor their parent company, North American Tool Industries, have been around for any length of time or developed any reputation of note. In fact, it is worth noting that not only is Blue Max and its parent company not American, but they are actually importers instead. That said, Blue Max does at least specialize exclusively on outdoor landscaping equipment. While this allows Blue Max to provide what is essentially a throwback style, it also means that the company has not yet found its footing.

Surprising Specs
For a brand that has only been around for about half a decade, Blue Max does offer some surprising specs as an entry-level product. First, this pole saw has the largest maximum cutting diameter out of any other product on our list, and a big part of that has to do with the fact that Blue Max uses a 10” bar, tied for the largest that we reviewed. On top of that, the Blue Max pole saw also provides the second-largest engine that we came across as well. However, Blue Max was somehow able to provide a larger engine than most without also adding a fair number of pounds in the tradeoff. That said, the Blue Max pole saw is not without some flaws, some of which may potentially disqualify for some.

Ups and Downs
Though the Blue Max is not really a commercial-ready pole saw, it is still one of the more powerful consumer-grade pole saws. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with the Blue Max is that it is not that easy to use which is a big flaw for your average homeowner who may not have extensive experience with landscaping equipment. As if that were not bad enough, this company still seems to be ironing the kinks out of their design as the QC is a bit hit or miss. On the other hand, this is the only pole saw we found with an electric chain brake to help make sure that any kickbacks are stopped in their tracks. Finally, this is one of the few pole saws we found that has an anti-vibration handle to help reduce user fatigue.

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  • Is a less expensive pole saw
  • Has a larger engine
  • Has the largest maximum cutting diameter reviewed
  • Is a lighter weight pole saw
  • Has an anti-vibration handle
  • Has an electric chain brake


  • Not the easiest to use
  • Not the best QC

Best Gas Pole Saw Buying Guide 2019

Cutting Power

Unlike most other power saws, cutting power is not actually the most important consideration when choosing a pole saw. Of course, it is still easily one of the more important considerations, but you can still find an incredibly capable pole saw that can cut through surprisingly thick branches without the best cutting power. On the plus side, a gas pole saw is generally able to generate more cutting power than a comparable electric pole saw. Regardless, a gas pole saw’s cutting power primarily comes down to a combination of the amount of torque generated and the chain speed.

Of the two qualities, the torque is by far the most important as this will determine how tough of wood the pole saw can through. If the wood is too tough for the amount of torque generated, no amount of chain speed will get the chain to bite into the wood. Chain speed is technically less important in that it does not limit your options one way or the other, but it is incredibly important to the technique as well as the cutting speed. That said, it is a good idea to get a pole saw with both qualities since a slower chain speed is more likely to bog down and get caught in the wood.

Maximum Height

Out of all the factors to consider, this might be the most important if for no other reason than because it will play the biggest role in determining the extent of the pole saw’s capabilities. Keep in mind, if you choose a less powerful pole saw, being able to reach higher still provides more versatility in terms of what you can accomplish. It should also go without saying that the whole point of a pole saw is to reach places that are high up, so the higher the better. It is important to consider the materials used in the pole’s construction as plastic components are more likely to wear out or fail.

That said, when looking at consumer-grade gas pole saws, you are likely going to cap out at 16’ max with about a 12’ average. This is the total height with an average holding position of 4’ off of the ground, so this means that the actual consumer-grade gas pole saws offer generally between 8’ to 12’ of extension. It is also worth remembering that the maximum height extension will impact the balance of the pole saw and potentially require the use of a different posture or technique which could adjust the holding position.

Cutting Thickness

Outside of the maximum height extension, the next most important quality is the maximum cutting thickness as this is the other half of what will limit its versatility. However, the maximum cutting thickness is not a quality determined by a single component like with the maximum height extension and the pole. Instead, the maximum cutting thickness is determined by a combination of the pole saw’s cutting power, the length of the bar, and the chain used–though the last can be replaced and should not be used as a judged qualifier. For cutting thickness, the torque is still more important, though a high cutting speed will help prevent the chain from getting stuck once deep into the wood.

While the cutting power will have an outsized influence in determining the maximum cutting thickness, a pole saw with half the power may still have a larger maximum cutting thickness if the bar is longer. As such, it is important to consider the two qualities in tandem, though gas pole saw bars in the consumer-grade market generally tend to stick with bars between 8” to 10”. It should come as no surprise that the 10” bars are generally better performing than the 8” bars, though they are also often driven by larger motors.

Ease of Use

Though the professional-grade market may not necessarily worry about this quality quite so much, most people who do not use landscaping equipment every day want it to be as easy as possible when they do use it. As such, the average homeowner is often a bit more willing to spend a little bit more for a feature that improves the experience of using the product, if not the performance. By far the most common and useful has to be the automatic oiler, even if the oiler is prone to leaking, because most DIYers are unfamiliar with exactly how often you have to oil the chain manually.

Another popular ease of use function is a spring-loaded pull-start system to help get the pole saw started easier, though these can be notoriously hit or miss. Either the spring is not really coiled tightly enough to really assist in any meaningful way or it eventually wears out and loosens over time. Though not as common, quick chain tensioning systems are becoming more popular, though they are not quite as useful since a pole saw’s chain does not come off of the bar nearly as often as a chainsaw’s chain does. One interesting take on ease of use some manufacturers are experimenting with is the ability to switch landscaping attachments to accomplish multiple tasks with a single tool.


Ergonomics refers to how something feels to use with good ergonomics relating to products that are comfortable and easy to use for extended periods of time. For gas pole saws, the biggest ergonomic consideration will almost always be the weight as this will constitute more towards user fatigue than any other aspect. That said, most gas pole saws have the ability to be cordlessly worn with sling strap, and some of them even come with the strap. This can almost entirely eliminate the grueling kind of fatigue using a pole for hours on end can cause.

However, the weight is not the only aspect of using a pole saw that causes fatigue as the machine’s vibrations also wears your body down. To account for this, manufacturers use a couple of different approaches, though most do not actually do much at all. As such, anti-vibration features can be seen as a bit premium and will often have an appropriate price adjustment denoting as much. That said, if you expect to use your pole saw often, it would probably be a good idea to splurge and save yourself some sore muscles. Another potentially important ergonomic feature includes the position of the throttle in relation to the other controls on the handle to prevent accidental power-ups or power downs.


Why use a gas pole saw?

While we have alluded to it earlier, it is important to understand exactly why you should use a pole saw in the first place–especially when alternatives are available. That said, the alternatives are either not that safe, or they are far more expensive, involved, and meant for professional use. In this regard, the two main alternatives are to just stand on a taller structure, but this is not terribly safe unless the structure is nigh-immovable. The other alternative is to use a hook and harness system to climb the tree and cut it while safely suspended in the air.

As you can see, neither of these ‘solutions’ are ideal for trimming branches in your backyard, which is exactly when you should opt to use a pole saw instead. That said, it is worth noting this does not apply to all branches since you can use a stand for light, thin branches. Similarly, if you can reach the branches, there are techniques for safely cutting with other tools, like a light chainsaw, that are preferable to using a pole saw. As such, branches that are 7’ high and 35 lbs are good benchmarks when deciding whether you should use a gas pole saw or even a manual pole saw.

What to look for in a gas pole saw

Once you know you need to use a gas pole saw, your next step should be identifying what to look for and what is just fluff. While you may have sussed it out through context, this will lay out in order what is important and what just increases the price. Arguably the most important quality, outside of the baseline expectation that it performs as intended, are the two maximums: the maximum height extension and the maximum cutting thickness. These two factors will ultimately determine the breadth of tasks you can accomplish with a given gas pole saw.

It is worth remembering that maximum cutting thickness is a combination of generated torque, chain speed, and bar size. Though the chain itself is incredibly important as well, you can always replace an OEM manufacturer’s chain for a better model. After you have those factors sorted out, the next thing to consider is how much the gas pole saw weighs. While this will affect the ergonomics and user fatigue, the real reason this weight is important is that it impacts the balance and maneuverability. After that, ease of use, other ergonomics, and versatility are free to be assigned whichever priority order you prefer.

Pole saw safety 101

With pole saw safety, while it might seem as though you would consider it similar to a chainsaw, that is not how it performs in practice. Unless you use a braced stance with a harness at the shortest height extension, you should not be able to come anywhere near the chain while it is engaged. The potential exception to this is a kickback that pulls the pole saw’s body free from the user’s grasp. Of course, using the proper posture and technique as well as staying alert will help all but eliminate that possibility.

Instead, a much bigger concern, especially for our list of products meant for the average consumer, is the fallout of using a gas pole saw, literally. You are far more likely to be injured by a falling limb while using a pole saw than you are actually cutting yourself. While most people are smart enough not to stand directly under a branch they are cutting, it is not always so easy to tell how the branch will come down. Specifically, other branches below it can affect its trajectory, not to mention that larger branches, once they hit the ground, can roll into the user. For smaller jobs, a pruning saw may just do the job.


As we can see, unless you want to venture into the professional-grade gas pole saw market or you want an electric pole saw, you either have to give up a bit of power or a bit of quality. That said, the Remington does a solid job of offering as much of both as any pole saw we could find, even if the engine is a bit smaller. The Poulan Pro is a remarkably similar product on the surface with the former taking cutting power and the latter the longest extension. For a value, the TrimmerPlus attachment is significantly less expensive than the other pole saws, but you will still need to get a body and engine. Finally, the Maxtra provides by far the most cutting power on our list, but it is in a bit of no man’s land market-wise.