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Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews 2019

People probably use table saws more than virtually any other kind of stationary power saw that is fed. However, there is a growing range of smaller, niche categories of table saw for different skill sets and size of projects. That is why we put together a list of the 5 best hybrid table saw reviews of 2019. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you know what makes this burgeoning type of table saw tick. We found Shop Fox and Laguna Tools to offer the best-performing hybrid table saws, but keep reading to see the best value we found.

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Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife – Best Seller

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Since the hybrid table saw market is somewhat new, many manufacturers are slow to transition away from the contractor or cabinet table saw labels. One company that seems to be leading the way in this regard is Shop Fox which is a bit surprising considering it is not the most prestigious brand out there. To be fair, that is not necessarily because the brand makes poor products but more because it is somewhat young compared to more established companies. In fact, Shop Fox is actually an in-house brand owned by Woodstock International, Inc and has only been around for about 30 years. That said, this more recent founding actually serves Shop Fox well in its ability to adroitly pivot to new, developing markets. This being the case, it is unsurprising that the Shop Fox W1819 hybrid table saw is a best seller.

Great Cuts
While all table saws are ostensibly meant to provide good cuts, the degree of quality differs depending on the class of table saw. Hybrid table saws, as their name suggests, aim to provide better cuts than lower classed table saws. While hybrid table saw usually packs enough punch to make cutting even exotic hardwoods smooth and easy, the quality of cuts made extends beyond simple cutting power. That said, the Shop Fox W1819 hybrid saw still makes it a point to provide plenty of cutting power for any type of workpiece you might use. This begins with the inclusion of a 3 hp motor that pushes 12.8-amps from a 230V pull. While this is not the most powerful motor on our list, it is more than powerful enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at it without bogging down. On top of that, the W1819 hybrid table saw also provides one of the faster blade speeds we reviewed too at 4200 rpms. While this is not necessarily as important for hybrid table saws as for other power saws, the Shop Fox’s rating does still help prevent the blade from burning the cut face.

Of course, a hybrid table saw’s cutting power is only half of the equation when determining how good of a cut it makes. As a class of table saws designed to sit just below cabinet models, hybrid table saws also need to provide better accuracy and precision than most other table saws. Thankfully, the Shop Fox hybrid saw achieved this need as well with the inclusion of a few different features. Easily one of the most important qualities in maintaining an accurate cut with such a powerful motor is making sure the workpiece stays straight and feeds smoothly. In order to minimize destabilizing vibrations, the Shop Fox hybrid table saw uses cast-iron for both its table and trunnions, the latter of which are significantly larger than some of their competitors’ trunnions. On top of that, the Shop Fox W1819 hybrid saw also provides one of the better fence systems we found with a cam locking fence that uses HDPE on its face. While HDPE may not be the sturdiest material used for fence faces, it does offer an incredibly smooth surface when feeding your workpiece.

Solid Action
One thing to get out of the way ahead of time is that the Shop Fox hybrid table saw goes out of its way to make using the tool easier than some of its competition. However, this ease of use does not necessarily apply to all stages of the tool as the assembly is noted for being more difficult than some of the other hybrid saws on our list. Part of this comes down to poorly written instructions, though this is likely less of an issue if you are already mechanically inclined. Still, you may want to enlist the help of a friend or even a professional if you do not already have experience assembling large stationary power saws. Outside of assembly, though, the Shop Fox hybrid saw checks most of the boxes when it comes to convenience.

For example, not only is the fence easy to align and use, but the miter gauge also includes a T-slot fence for making multiple cuts on the same measurement. The Shop Fox hybrid table saw includes large knurled knobs that allow you to easily adjust virtually any part of the blade position and action. The quick-release blade guard and riving knife also make changing out the blade and spacers easier too. Beyond the ease of action, the Shop Fox W1819 hybrid table is also one of the safer models we reviewed. The transparent polycarbonate blade guard lifts with the workpiece feed, and the anti-kickback pawls combined with the spreader plate work exceptionally well.

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  • Makes more accurate cuts
  • Has a 3 hp motor
  • Has a good fence system
  • Is a safer table saw
  • Uses excellent materials
  • Is easier to use


  • Is a more expensive hybrid saw
  • Not the easiest to assemble

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V – Top Pick

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Depending on your level of experience, you may or may not have heard much about Laguna Tools. However, this is most likely due to the fact that Laguna Tools has a tendency to focus on the industrial-grade market and leaves lower classes of power tools to other manufacturers. On top of that, Laguna Tools has only been around for a little over 35 years, though that still makes them one of the more experienced companies on our list. Even better, Laguna Tools started as a manufacturer of woodworking tools before expanding into a wide range of professional construction markets. This being the case, it was fairly easy to make the Laguna Tools F2 Fusion hybrid table saw our top pick. While it does not necessarily top the list in all specs, it does offer one of the better experiences that we found.

Good Cuts
One thing that might strike people when looking over the Laguna Tools hybrid saw is that it does not offer the most cutting power. In fact, compared to the other hybrid table saws that we reviewed, the Fusion hybrid saw may even seem a bit underpowered. However, do not let the 1 ¾ hp motor fool you as it still provides plenty of cutting power on both phase settings. That said, you may not want to use the Laguna Tools F2 hybrid table saw on the densest hardwoods as the motor combined with a modest blade speed of 3450 rpms can present some issues. Of course, for the overwhelming majority of cuts, the Fusion F2 hybrid table saw will not bog down or burn the cut face of your workpiece.

Still, one of the main reasons that we rated the Laguna F2 hybrid table saw above other, more powerful, models comes down to accuracy. In fact, this might be the most accurate hybrid table saw on our list thanks in large part to its precise build. Out of all the other options reviewed, few of them can truly compare to the Fusion hybrid table saw’s fence system. Not only did it slide better than most, but it was also more accurately machined with fewer instances of bowing or flexing when feeding wood into the blade. As if that were not enough, the Laguna Tools hybrid saw also features one of the more accurate onboard measurement systems we saw too. Even better, the Laguna Tools Fusion hybrid table saw comes with its own fence-ready push-stick to help control your feed rates and keep you safe.

Pretty Convenient
While the precision and reasonable cutting power are excellent, the Laguna Tools aims to provide more bang for its somewhat considerable buck. One of the main ways it accomplishes this task is by offering a more accurate and easy action when using it. That said, we feel the need to get one of the more glaring issues of the Fusion hybrid saw out of the way ahead of time. Though the Laguna F2 hybrid table saw advertises a 4” dust port, the frame actually uses a 2 ½” hose from the base to the port. This artificially restricts the amount of airflow you can get and leads to subpar dust collection. Some users have been able to modify this themselves while others simply use overhead dust collection to supplement.

Still, outside of this minor concern, the overall use of the Laguna Tools hybrid saw is much more reliable than many others on our list. Part of this comes from the fact that adjusting the table saw is easier to do on the fly and provides better results. With a number of other hybrid saws on our list, adjustment can be a bit of a trial and error process, but the Laguna Fusion hybrid table saw takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. For example, this is one of the few hybrid table saws on our list that comes with a legitimate micro-adjusting arbor to fine-tune the blade. The Fusion F2 hybrid saw also uses a square zero clearance throat plate which further increases adjustment accuracy while also decreasing the time it takes to change the blade.

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  • Uses high-grade materials
  • Makes more accurate cuts
  • Has a solid fence system
  • Is easier to adjust
  • Is easier to assemble
  • Is ergonomically designed


  • Is a more expensive hybrid saw
  • Not the best dust collection

Shop Fox W1837 10″ 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw – Best Value

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Shop Fox makes another appearance on our list, but this time, the offering seems to skirt more closely to one side of the gap the tool is meant to bridge. Specifically, the Shop Fox W1837, while still a hybrid table saw, is much closer to the contractor class than the better-rated model that was closer to the cabinet class. While this carries with it some important implications on who should use it, we still feel that it is easily one of the better options for those looking to spend a little less. With that in mind, the Shop Fox W1837 easily comes in as our best value option– even if it is not the least expensive model we reviewed.

Solid Cuts
All things considered, the cuts made by the Shop Fox W1837 hybrid table saw are definitely more impressive than your standard contractor table saw. For one, the Shop Fox hybrid saw comes with a surprisingly powerful 2 hp motor for more ⅔ the price of the more expensive options on our list. This cutting power is further reinforced with a motor that can draw 15-amps for consistent cuts that do not bog down. It is worth noting that the W1837 hybrid saw only spins its blade at 3450 rpms, but that will not burn the cut face of most hardwoods. The cuts are even better with the inclusion of a good fence system, though this feature suffers a bit from subpar stamped steel guard rails.

Decent Build
One reason we consider the W1837 hybrid table saw to hew more closely to the contractor side of the bridge comes down to precision. While this is still a fairly accurate table saw compared to lower class models, it still falls a bit short compared to some of the other options we reviewed. To be fair, that is part of the bargain you get when looking for a cheap hybrid table saw, but this is not an inaccurate saw. Instead, most of the issue comes from the fact that the table is not always ground as flat as with more expensive models. That said, it does still use cast-iron for the table and trunnions, so you do not have to worry about vibrations ruining your cuts.

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  • Is a less expensive hybrid saw
  • Is easier to use
  • Has a 2 hp motor
  • Uses great materials
  • Has a decent fence system
  • Is somewhat portable


  • Not the best rails
  • Not the flattest table

Woodtek 159356, Machinery, Table Saws, 10′ Left Tilt Table Saw 3hp, 1ph 50″ Fence – Runner Up

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Woodtek is a bit difficult to gauge not just because it is an in-house brand of Woodworker’s Supply, Inc but because it is also the youngest company on our list. Having been founded just over 2 decades ago, it still has a ways to go before it develops the kind of reputation and prestige that some other companies we saw claim. What makes this more difficult is the fact that Woodtek clearly thinks of itself like those more established brands and prices itself accordingly. To be fair to the brand, though, this is still actually a rather impressive, if somewhat obscure, offering.

Solid Cuts
We suspect a big part of the reason Woodworker’s Supply feels so confident pricing its hybrid saw up there with the best comes from the quality of their cuts. For sure, the Woodtek hybrid table saw can hang with the best of them using a 3 hp motor that pushes 18 amps. This is arguably the most powerful motor on our list and translates to a hybrid saw that can chew through most wood without issue. This powerful motor is then further complemented with a blade speed of 4224 rpms to prevent the blade from burning the cut face. As if that were not enough, the sheer cutting power of the Woodtek hybrid table saw is then reinforced with a solid fence and rail system, the latter of which uses cast-iron.

Extreme Capacities
One thing to consider about the Woodtek hybrid table saw is that it comes with both the largest and smallest cutting capacities that we reviewed– depending on which cutting capacity you look at. For example, the Woodtek hybrid saw easily blows the other options on our list out of the water in regards to maximum rip cut capacity at 50”. While most of the other hybrid table saws can be extended to meet or exceed this rip cut capacity, they also will cost more in doing so. On the other hand, the Woodtek takes a confusing turn by providing the shortest maximum depth of cut on our list. In fact, it is more than ⅛” shorter than the next closest competitor and does not even break 3” which may cut it close for rougher lumber.

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  • Has a 3 hp motor
  • Makes more accurate cuts
  • Has a nice fence system
  • Has the largest rip capacity reviewed
  • Made with excellent materials
  • Has great rails


  • Is a more expensive hybrid saw
  • Has a smaller maximum cut depth

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw – Also Consider

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Ridgid is an odd company to make this list for a couple of reasons with its original focus on hand tools being one. On the other hand, this is easily the most experienced power tool manufacturer we reviewed with a history that stretches back over 95 years. That said, Ridgid got its start and specialized in plumbing and electrician tools before moving into the broader power tool market much later. As such, while their hand tools may still be professional-grade, their power tools still need to catch up with the rest of the lineup.

Acceptable Cuts
As the only hybrid table saw under a grand, you definitely should not expect the Ridgid hybrid table saw to provide the same quality of cuts as products twice the cost. That said, for a hobbyist who has outgrown their contractor table saw and is looking for a step up, the Ridgid hybrid saw offers a decent cut. For one, it comes with a surprisingly powerful motor that cuts with 3 ⅘ hp and draws 13-amps, though it only runs from a single-phase 120V. On top of that, the blade speed of 3450 rpms is adequate but not made to slice through the densest hardwoods.

Iffy Build
When we say the Ridgid hybrid table saw has an “iffy build,” we do not mean that it is less durable than its competitors. Instead, the R4512 hybrid table saw does not seem to be machined quite as precisely as its more expensive counterparts. This is especially notable with the fence system which will require regular readjustment after fewer cuts. On the plus side, the actual accessories are well-made, including the fence itself, and even store away onboard the saw. On top of that, the Ridgid R4512 hybrid table saw comes with the requisite cast-iron table to help temper some of the motor’s power– and vibrations.

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  • Is a less expensive hybrid saw
  • Has a 3 ⅘ hp motor
  • Is moderately portable
  • Comes with decent accessories
  • Has a cast iron table
  • Can be expanded


  • Is difficult to properly adjust
  • Not the best fence system

Best Hybrid Table Saw Buying Guide 2019

Cutting Power

Cutting power is always an important quality for power saws, but it is a bit more difficult to rank for hybrid table saws. This is because most table saws in this class can handle your average wood cutting needs, but hybrid saws attempt to bridge gaps between the cabinet and contractor models. As such, cutting power is definitely a bit more important for hybrid table saws, but it should not be blown out of proportion. What is more important is making sure you understand what kind of cutting power a hybrid table saw’s motor will provide.

Part of this confusion comes down to the fact that there are multiple specs used when determining the general cutting power of a table saw. One of the more eye-catching is horsepower, but this is better understood as the maximum cutting torque that the hybrid table saw provides. However, this does not necessarily tell you how well the saw will continue to cut throughout the feed. In this instance, you will also want to look at the amps that the motor draws which will further depend on whether you use the 110-120/220-240V wiring.


Since hybrid table saws aim to offer a similar experience as when using a cabinet table saw, accuracy is extremely important. Hybrid table saws are regularly used in workshops with light-commercial projects and need to offer precise cuts. While the machining process is a big part of a table saw’s accuracy, the materials used also play a huge role as well. This might be even more important for a larger class like hybrid table saws due to their more powerful motors.

Basically, the more powerful the motor is, the more vibrations it will inherently generate. If these vibrations transfer to the rest of the hybrid table saw or the workpiece, they can throw off the accuracy of the cuts by significant fractions of inches. One way that manufacturers help account for these vibrations is by using denser, heavier materials than what you would find in saw a benchtop table saw. By far the most effective material used for this purpose is cast-iron which is extremely heavy compared to most other materials used for power saws. It is important to look for a hybrid table saw that has a cast-iron table at the least, but you should also look to see if the trunnions are cast-iron as well.


Ostensibly, these should be some of the best features found on any mid to high-end table saw as they play an often crucial role in determining the accuracy of the cuts. With hybrid table saws, you often get what you pay for with the more expensive models providing quality fences and guides while less expensive options may not perform quite as well. One thing to note is that the fences themselves are often decent to great, but the guide rail systems are all over the place in terms of quality. If you can find it, cast-iron provides the best guides, but stamped steel, aluminum, and other lower-grade materials are more common.


What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

There is currently a bit of a realigning process going on in the table saw market with manufacturers trying different things to appeal to new customers. One of the more recent developments is the creation of a hybrid class of table saws that seeks to bridge the gap between price and power. Specifically, hybrid table saws are like a “lite” version of cabinet table saws, offering more power than your average contractor table saw.

However, hybrid table saws are also often one or more thousand dollars less expensive than your average cabinet table saw. That said, the terminology is not consistent across brands with some companies using the label differently than others in terms of what qualifies as a hybrid table saw. As such, it can be a bit difficult to figure out whether a given table saw is a hybrid type or the slightly lower grade contractor type. One thing to consider is that most hybrid table saws are not really meant to be moved too often and generally provide modest, if any, mobility options.

Why a Hybrid Table Saw?

Now that we have a rough idea of what defines a hybrid table saw, it is a good idea to consider why you should choose one. Much like identity, this consideration comes down to figuring out how hybrid table saws differ from the other two types they bridge. In this case, you need to understand what it is that a hybrid table saw does better than a contractor table saw and if that difference applies to your needs. For example, a hybrid table saw will generally provide a decent increase in cutting power compared to a contractor model.

However, hybrid table saws will often sit just below the larger cabinet table saw models in cutting power. Another important distinction comes with accuracy as hybrid table saws once again split the more established model types. Specifically, cabinet table saws are generally noted for being extremely accurate, part of the reason they come with such a large price tag. While hybrid table saws may not necessarily achieve that same degree of accuracy, they are still usually more accurate than contractor table saws. Thus, if you find yourself needing more power and better accuracy than a contractor table saw but balk at the price of a cabinet table saw, then a hybrid table saw is probably a good option.

Things to Look for?

Since hybrid table saws aim to offer a solid mix of features between contractor and cabinet table saws, those features are inherently more important than others. While the price is an important aspect of any product decision, it is arguably more relevant to hybrid table saws as their development arose from that need. However, the price comparison only matters when taken with the actual benefits that hybrid table saws provide over contractor models and comparable with cabinet ones.

In this instance, cutting power will definitely be close to the top of the list since hybrid table saws attempt to provide more cutting power for a modest price increase over contractor table saws. Keep in mind, one of the main reasons for this has more to do with cutting dense hardwoods than for general purposes. On top of that, hybrid table saws are expected to offer better precision and accuracy, though this quality can be a bit more difficult to achieve than simple cutting power increases. Accuracy will definitely be more important depending on your skill level and the type of projects you use the hybrid saw for.


In the end, figuring which is the best hybrid table saw for you can be a bit tricky and will depend on why you need this niche class of table saw. If you are a professional contractor that requires numerous cuts of extremely high accuracy on common materials, the Laguna Tools is our top pick. Of course, if you need excellent accuracy with a little more oomph, then you cannot go wrong with the Shop Fox W1819. On the other side of the price aisle, another Shop Fox, the W1837 comes at a more reasonable price for experienced amateurs. The Woodtek is a bit pricey, but it also provides one of the most powerful motors and has a larger maximum rip cut capacity. Finally, the Rigid is a decent hybrid table saw that is especially good if you do not have the most experience.