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Best Saw Horses Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Saw Horses Reviews 2019

Even if you have the best tools on hand, that does not necessarily mean you will be able to use them to their fullest potential. Aside from using high-quality tools, you need to make sure that the surface holding your workpieces are just as good. That is why we put together a list of the 5 best saw horses reviews of 2019. We also put together a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ to help you navigate this expanding and innovative market. We think the WORX and Rockwell offer the best solutions for different purposes, but you have to keep reading to find our best value winner.

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WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs – WX051 – Best Seller

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WORX started as a brand that sought to compete with BLACK+DECKER in the consumer-grade market. Founded by an executive of BLACK+DECKER and the OEM manufacturer Positec Tool Corporation, the company fought tirelessly to be accepted as a mainstream brand. That said, WORX might not be the first company you expect to see on a list about sawhorses as it does not technically specialize in contractor tools. In fact, WORX was initially founded to provide innovative outdoor lawn care tools rather than contractor products. While the company has since expanded its product markets since its founding in 2004, they do still focus more on lawn care equipment than anything else. However, the company stays true to its commitment to innovation which certainly helps it achieve its best seller position.

Double Duty
At their basics, sawhorses are fairly simple accessories that need to do little more than stand strong under the weight of workpieces. However, with competition heating up, many manufacturers seek to find ways to increase the basic versatility of the trusty sawhorse. Easily one of the more notable aspects of the WORX sawhorse is the fact that it can be used in a couple of different ways. Specifically, the Pegasus sawhorse can be used as either a sawhorse or a small workbench, depending on your needs at the moment. In order to provide this function, the WORX saw horses have 3 different positions, including the collapsed folded position. To be clear, the WORX Pegasus sawhorse should not be used as a workbench for benchtop power tools. However, it is designed to handle larger workpieces and accommodate various types of portable power tools. The table itself offers a decent 31” x 25” workspace, but the WORX sawhorse also comes with the option of expanding its workspace as well.

Basically, you can purchase multiple Pegasus saw horses and connect them together to make a larger workbench. As an added bonus, connecting multiple WORX saw horses together also increases the maximum weight capacity. On the other hand, connecting multiple WORX Pegasus saw horses increases the price of one of the already most expensive sawhorses that we reviewed. That said, the Pegasus saw horses do help account for that cost by including a number of different accessories. First, you get 2 quick-clamps which are able to handle materials 18” in width for relatively large workpieces. On top of that, the WORX Pegasus sawhorses also provide 4 clamp dogs so you can position the clamps in a variety of different spots on the workbench. Be forewarned, however, that the clamps can be a bit difficult to use, often providing too much wiggle without applying a lot of force. While this is fine if you need to use the clamps for hardwoods and larger workpieces, it can make using the clamps a bit trickier when working with more delicate workpieces.

Solid Support
One thing to consider with newer sawhorses that seek to expand on the classic function of the basic model is the build quality. Traditionally, saw horses were made out of lumber and fastened together with steel plates and hardware. While this offers sturdy support, it does not leave much room for innovating the design and increasing versatility. In order to provide a good mix of structural integrity as well as customization options, the WORX saw horse uses a combination of materials. First, the internal frame of the Pegasus sawhorse is made of strong and durable steel so that you do not have to worry about it buckling under the weight of heavier materials. This is especially relevant when the WORX Pegasus is put into its sawhorse position, but the workbench position was not forgotten either.

In order to offer a workbench that is not too heavy to carry from place to place, the steel frame is surrounded by a heavy-duty polypropylene shell. Since polypropylene is plastic, it does not necessarily add the most structural support, but the work table also includes ABS plastic to make sure that your workpieces do not damage the tabletop. When you combine these various materials together, you get some high-end maximum weight capacities. As a sawhorse, the Pegasus can support up to 1000 pounds which is tied for the largest sawhorse maximum weight capacity on our list. The workbench position is able to handle up to 300 pounds which is second-best on our list. It is worth noting that the materials used, though they offer superior weight capacities, make WORX Pegasus saw horses one of the heavier products we reviewed. Thankfully, the Pegasus saw horses fold into a 5” thick collapsable position to make carrying them a little bit easier.

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  • Can convert to a workbench
  • The sawhorse can support 1000 pounds
  • The workbench can support 300 pounds
  • Comes with 2 quick clamps
  • Comes with 4 clamp dogs
  • Can be expanded


  • Are more expensive saw horses
  • Clamps are difficult to use

Rockwell JawHorse Portable Material Support Station – RK9003 – Top Pick

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Rockwell is actually incredibly similar to another company we reviewed in a multitude of ways. First, Rockwell Tools is actually a brand owned by the Positec Tool Corporation and was also founded roughly a decade and a half ago. On top of that, Rockwell Tools was also made to compete with the consumer-grade conglomerate BLACK+DECKER. However, one way that Rockwell Tools differs from its brother brand is that Rockwell products focus exclusively on contractor solutions. Rather than offering a wide range of products, many of which have nothing to do with construction, Rockwell focuses on saws, sanders, and oscillating tools. This provides the advantage of expertise, but Rockwell also saw a need to provide the requisite accessories for their main lineups. With the Rockwell JawHorse sawhorse, we have a product that takes a slightly different approach than most other products and earns itself our top pick spot.

Semi-Standard Design
While many manufacturers rush to change the basic design of a sawhorse to accommodate an ever-expanding list of features, the Rockwell Tools sawhorse takes a more measured approach. For example, the JawHorse sawhorse does not actually go all the way in terms of providing a workbench position. While this may seem like a potential flaw, it does allow the Rockwell JawHorse sawhorse to offer a different kind of benefit. The workbench type of sawhorse may offer an ostensibly larger workspace, but it also takes up more space too. On top of that, the various positions of hybrid saw horses can lead to a lack of long-term durability. In order to make sure that the Rockwell Tools JawHorse sawhorse does not suffer from these issues, the product uses a tripod design.

This type of profile allows the Rockwell sawhorse to fit in much smaller spaces without having to worry about stability. That said, you will need to be extra careful when using the Rockwell sawhorse as the workpiece needs to be properly centered to avoid a wobbling effect. To be fair, an uncentered JawHorse sawhorse rarely wobbles to the point of actually falling over, but it can introduce imprecision into the work. Granted, the Rockwell JawHorse does provide front feet stirrups for additional stability and to prevent slippage, but the tripod foot stand does not. The way that the Rockwell Tools sawhorse gets away with this design is with the use of higher-grade materials than most of the other products we reviewed. For one, the JawHorse sawhorse is made primarily out of steel, rather than a metal frame encased in plastic. One potential issue with this material choice is that the Rockwell sawhorse is the heaviest products reviewed, coming in at 43 pounds.

Versatile Clamp
While the introduction of a tripod design might increase the workspace that the Rockwell sawhorse offers, that is not what sets it apart from a standard sawhorse. Instead, the JawHorse sawhorse introduces a unique type of clamp that stands head and shoulders above the competition. It is the superior clamp of the Rockwell Tools sawhorse that allows it to get away without a workbench and still be one of the best-performing sawhorses we found. First, the JawHorse clamp offers the largest workpiece capacity that we saw at 36” with a 37” opening. This is large enough for a standard size door and is by far the largest clamp on our list. However, the clamp is more than just large as it also provides over a ton of clamping pressure at 2200 pounds. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the Rockwell sawhorse’s clamp being too tight or too loose like with some of the other products we reviewed.

This is because the Rockwell Tool’s clamp uses a foot pedal to control its opening and closing motion. To be fair, this can actually be a bit awkward if you are not particularly coordinated or are using the clamp for an especially large object. However, this feature allows you to use the Rockwell JawHorse sawhorse by yourself while still working with large objects. A great example of this is that the Rockwell Tools sawhorse can serve as your second set of hands when hanging a door. On top of that foot pedal, the Rockwell sawhorse also comes with an easy locking mechanism that only requires a single hand to use. One thing that is not necessarily ideal but still above most competitors is the maximum weight capacity. At first blush, the Rockwell sawhorse’s maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds might seem a bit low. However, when you consider the fact that you will likely be using 2 of these if you intend to use it as a standard sawhorse, that weight capacity doubles.

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  • Comes with a superior clamp
  • Can support 600 pounds
  • Is made out of steel
  • Has a foot lever clamp control
  • Is more compact than most
  • Is extremely portable


  • Are more expensive saw horses
  • Is not the most stable

2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets Sawhorse – 2 Pack – Best Value

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2×4 Basics is another company that is actually a brand of a larger company, the Hopkins Mfg Co in this case. That said, both 2×4 Basics and Hopkins Mfg are fairly experienced companies with the former tracing its history back 6 decades and the latter founded 5 decades ago. 2×4 Basics is an interesting company in that they do not really sell too many completed products outright. Instead, this brand simply provides the various fasteners and hardware necessary for you to make the product yourself. They also provide the necessary project plans, but you still have to provide the lumber yourself. Still, if you are willing to put in a little bit of time and effort, the 2×4 Basics sawhorse is easily our best value option.

Frame of Mind
One of the most important things to get out of the way is that the 2×4 Basics sawhorse is not actually a sawhorse. Instead of buying a sawhorse, you purchase the necessary components and project plans to build the sawhorse yourself. While this may seem like a bit of a pain, it can actually serve as an excellent project for beginning woodworkers. On top of that, this also allows you the freedom to choose the type of wood you use and even allows more experienced woodworkers room for customization. In fact, the project plans even include a variety of different size options with modified instructions for each change. Even better, while you do need to purchase the wood and build it yourself, the plans are easy to follow and assembly takes little time.

Okay Build
While the ability to make custom sawhorses for a lower price is nice, the 2×4 Basics does still come with some caveats. For example, the 2×4 Basics sawhorse is made from heavy gauge structural resin which is a type of plastic. Of course, so long as you use the specified wood, these sawhorses have a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds. On the other hand, it seems as if the molding factories are not always the most precise when making these frames. For one, the quality control in regards to the frames can be a bit hit or miss with numerous modifications required before they function properly. On top of that, even a set of 2×4 Basics sawhorse frames that are made properly will still use a slightly smaller size of wood as opposed to the advertised 2x4s.

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  • Are less expensive saw horses
  • Made of heavy gauge structural resin
  • Can support 1000 pounds
  • Is easy to assemble
  • Can make numerous sizes of a sawhorse
  • Comes in a 2-pack


  • Not the best QC
  • Not the best fitting

Keter Folding Table Work Bench For Woodworking Tools & Accessories with Clamps – Runner Up

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Keter definitely stands out on our list in a couple of different ways, though they are not inherently bad. For one, this is the oldest company that we reviewed with a history stretching back to 1948 that also includes numerous awards, many of which have been won within the past few years. However, another unique quality of Keter’s compared to the other companies we reviewed is that they do not specialize in contractor or woodworker products at all. Instead, Keter is known more for their work with plastics and a wide variety of different products made from plastics.

Good Design
The Keter sawhorse is the second option on our list that uses the workbench design for their sawhorse. However, unlike the other product we reviewed, the Keter does not actually allow for a standard sawhorse arrangement. While this technically limits the Keter sawhorse’s versatility a bit, it is not that big of a deal considering its other advantages. For example, the Keter sawhorse offers the most workspace storage we found by far, though it is separated into 2 spaces. Still, the Keter sawhorse also comes with 2 clamps, though they are some of the smaller clamps included at only 12”. However, these clamps are fairly easy to use and are not noted for any of the wiggle that some other clamps can introduce. In terms of portability, the Keter sawhorse folds thinner than any other workbench model, but it is also one of the heavier sawhorses reviewed too.

Up and Down
From the outside, the Keter sawhorse looks like a solid option for a workbench sawhorse at a lower price. However, the fact that Keter uses plastic for a majority of the construction can present some issues. For example, the product reports a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds, but the owner’s manual warns against doing so for long periods of time. While the maximum weight capacity is tied for the most on our list, there is no defined time table for how long the Keter sawhorse can hold that much weight. While the liberal use of plastic for the construction might be part of the issue, the frame is also made of aluminum instead of the stronger steel.

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  • Are less expensive saw horses
  • Can serve as a workbench
  • Collapses for portability
  • Can support 1000 pounds
  • Comes with 2 clamps
  • Made of heavy-duty resin and aluminum


  • Not the most durable
  • Are heavier saw horses

AmazonBasics Folding Sawhorse – Set of 2, 900 Pound Capacity – Also Consider

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As the name suggests, AmazonBasics is a private in-house brand owned by the Amazon retail company. However, it is important to note that Amazon does not actually manufacture AmazonBasics products and instead purchases OEM products from other manufacturers. On top of that, AmazonBasics does not specialize in any particular market and instead offers a wide range of different products in a variety of markets. This can include everything from the contractor market like sawhorses to the electronics market, though they do have a tendency to focus on accessories. While the OEM manufacturers are not known and often change depending on Amazon’s contracts, the brand was founded in 2009.

Great Value
While not quite as inexpensive as a frame sawhorse, the AmazonBasics sawhorse still provides a great value. Aside from being a cheap sawhorse option, you also get 2 for the price of one, providing the complete standard sawhorse arrangement. On top of that, the AmazonBasics sawhorse also reports a maximum weight capacity of 900 pounds, though this is definitely in question. Still, there are also a number of different safety and convenience features included in the otherwise standard design. For instance, the AmazonBasics sawhorses have non-slip feet for increased stability as well as locking braces to prevent accidental closure. The fold out stoppers help prevent your workpiece from moving around, and the sawhorse can be folded or unfolded without much effort.

Iffy Build
Easily the most troubling thing about the AmazonBasics sawhorse is that they are known to have numerous long-term issues. Of course, those issues can creep up from the start with these saw horses often arriving with quality control problems. That said, even the basic use of these sawhorses is a bit questionable with numerous people noting them failing under even the recommended use and weight. To be fair, the AmazonBasics sawhorses are made entirely out of plastic without a metal frame for support. While this definitely means you should probably avoid testing out their reported maximum weight capacity, it also means they are incredibly lightweight and portable.

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  • Are less expensive saw horses
  • Has numerous safety features
  • Only weighs 10 pounds
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Comes in a 2-pack
  • Can support 900 pounds


  • Not the most durable
  • Not the best QC

Best Saw Horses Buying Guide 2019


Just a few decades ago, you did not actually have many choices in the type of sawhorse you used. While wooden sawhorses with metal fastening could be purchased, many people simply made them at home. However, manufacturers have been hard at work trying to find a multitude of different innovations and features to help expand the humble sawhorse.


To be fair, this is not actually a “sawhorse” in the traditional sense and is really just a DIY kit. Rather than provide the entire sawhorse, a frame kit provides the necessary hardware for you to make one yourself. While this is clearly an inconvenient option and often requires more assembly than other sawhorse models, it is also usually one of the cheapest options on the market too. Granted, you still need to purchase the wood to make the sawhorse, but a frame kit can also serve as a suitable project for a novice woodworker too.


This is the type of sawhorse that most people think of when they think of saw horses, though this category is not what it used to be. Most of the standard sawhorses made decades ago were little more than metal plates bolted or screwed into wooden beams. While this model of standard sawhorse still exists, there are a number of different materials used these days. Metal is the strongest and offers the best weight capacity, but it is also more expensive, heavier, and prone to rusting. Another option is high-grade plastic which will not rust and is less expensive, but plastic is not the most durable material.


One of the newer types of sawhorse being developed is the workbench sawhorse which sees a table added to the top of the sawhorse. This type offers a significantly more stable workspace and also allows for the easier use of different accessories. However, the workbench sawhorse is also one of the more expensive types of sawhorses on the market. On top of that, the workbench sawhorse is not always the most portable with the table adding weight. One thing to consider with a workbench sawhorse is the materials as many manufacturers use a combination of different materials. While this can help the workbench sawhorse find a solid balance in terms of weight, it can reduce its maximum weight capacity.


This type of sawhorse seeks to provide both the standard sawhorse arrangement as well as the workbench arrangement. It accomplishes this with locking mechanisms at different points along with the design and almost always uses a collapsible approach. Essentially, as the hybrid sawhorse opens, you can lock the frame at either the standard position or unfold it completely for a workbench position. This greatly increases the hybrid sawhorse’s versatility in terms of the different types of tasks it can accomplish. That said, hybrid sawhorses are almost always the most expensive type and still often use a mix of different materials. This can make choosing the right hybrid sawhorse more difficult since you need to make sure it can handle the workload to justify its price.


Why Use a Sawhorse?

Sawhorses have been used for centuries are arguably one of the oldest construction accessories in history that are still commonly used today. That said, the sawhorse has gone through numerous design changes since its inception, though most of those have occurred within the past half-century. Regardless, the reason for using a sawhorse generally still remains the same: to support work materials while you work on them. However, the sawhorse serves to function in lieu of a workbench, in most instances, and allows for more options in terms of the workspace.

This is especially relevant when you need to work on a workpiece but either do not have a workshop or do not have enough room in your workshop to accommodate the project. In this instance, the fact that sawhorses are much smaller and lighter than a traditional workbench allows you to move them at will. Granted, this still depends on the shape and weight of the sawhorse, but most collapse to make moving them easier. While sawhorses offer some expanded workspace options for the home, they might be the most beneficial to contractors who need to set up workspaces on job sites.

What Type of Sawhorse?

Not too long ago, you really did not have much choice in the type of sawhorse you chose with the standard model being the only one. However, manufacturers continue to innovate the sawhorse design and come up with some useful and versatile options. The standard sawhorse still has a place in many workshops as it offers a simple design that is easy to use. On top of that, the standard sawhorse is often one of the least expensive options, though it requires additional accessories to get the most out of them. If you really want a cheap sawhorse, you can also get the frame type, though this is simply the hardware necessary to turn lumber into a sawhorse.

Beyond the standard type, the next most common type is the workbench sawhorse which might seem more like a workbench than a sawhorse. However, the workbench sawhorse generally includes a large workspace which makes attaching accessories easier and offers better stabilization of workpieces but often has a lower maximum weight capacity. To bridge the gap, some manufacturers also make hybrid sawhorses which can lock into both the standard and workbench position as needed.

What to Look for?

Regardless of the type of sawhorse you choose, one of the most important factors is the maximum weight capacity. Granted, manufacturers will often make sawhorses that can handle weight capacities well-above what you will actually need them for, but this can also give you a hint into how well the sawhorse will hold up in the long-term. Another factor that heavily influences the long-term strength of a sawhorse is the materials used in its construction. There is no getting around the fact that metal is almost always stronger than plastic, especially when it comes to supporting heavyweight.

Beyond the simple weight capacity, the stability of a sawhorse also factors into its effectiveness. If a sawhorse is not stable, it can potentially introduce imprecision into your work or even fall over and damage the workpiece. That said, few sawhorses are sold which fall over when used properly, but many may wobble if the workpiece is not centered. Finally, sawhorses are generally used when a workshop’s workbench is not a viable option, so their portability is often important. The portability is inherently impacted by the sawhorse’s weight, but its profile is also something to consider.


In the end, the best sawhorses will be different things depending on the type of projects you need them for. If you are looking for sawhorses that can handle a wide range of situations, the WORX Pegasus can transform from a sawhorse to a workbench as needed. Of course, sometimes you need a sawhorse that can handle exceptionally large workpieces, and the Rockwell is the best on our list for that. On the other hand, if you already have lumber laying around, the 2×4 basics gives you a cheap alternative to the traditional sawhorse product. The Keter is another sawhorse that uses the workbench approach, but it substitutes versatility and gives you additional storage space instead. Finally, the AmazonBasics offers a fairly standard sawhorse that comes with a number of different safety and convenience features.