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Best Scroll Saw Blades Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Scroll Saw Blades Reviews 2019

With all of the different scroll saws used in woodworking, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which one is right for you. Of course, once you do, then you have to go through that same arduous process of figuring out which scroll saw blades to get. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best scroll saw blade reviews of 2019. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you can make sure you know what you need and what to leave. We think the SKIL and Flying Dutchman are the best options for different reasons, but you have to keep reading to find out which is the best value.

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SKIL 80182 Plain End Scroll Saw Blade Set, 36 Piece – Best Seller

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Skil is definitely one of the most well-known and prestigious companies on our list with a history that stretches back nearly a century. More interesting is the fact that Skil has actually always been in the business of cutting implements with their first product being a mechanical machete used to cut thick sugar cane in the fields of Louisiana. Of course, Skil has expanded their lineup well beyond that humble initial approach to encompass virtually all markets within the contractor field. In fact, though Skil was once recognized as a professional-grade brand, they have since been more focused on producing less expensive, consumer-grade products, especially in the power tool sphere. To be fair, this likely has a bit to do with the fact that the brand is actually owned by the Chinese Chevron company. That said, this in no way affects the product’s ability and has allowed the Skil scroll saw blades to obtain the best seller position.

Solid Options
Whenever choosing scroll saw blades, one thing a newcomer to the field is liable to run into is analysis paralysis. This has to do with the fact that there are actually a dizzying number of different types of scroll saw blades which are best served for particular types of cutting and each of which requires its own particular feed rate and cutting technique. Thankfully, the Skil scroll saw blades have you covered in a couple of different ways to make sure that you can accomplish a reasonably wide variety of different types of cuts on different types of material, regardless of your starting skill level. First, the Skil scroll saw blades come with a total of 3 different types of scroll saw blades, but they even go one step further in case you are not already a skilled craftsman.

The Skil scroll saw blades aid you in this endeavor by providing a fair number of extra blades in case you break a few while figuring it out. In order to make sure that you do not have to worry about a top-heavy approach, each of the three different sizes is given 12 different blades to sum to 36 blades in total. One thing to consider is the fact that these are pinless scroll saw blades which makes changing them when they dull a good bit easier and quicker. However, this can also lead to a looser hold from your scroll saw on the blade depending on the particular model of scroll saw used. Obviously, Skil scroll saws do not have the kind of issues holding these blades that some other off-brand scroll saws might.

Decent Build
While the sheer range of options afforded by the Skil scroll saw blades may not necessarily top our list, that does not mean that the company has limited their product in specialized ways like some of the other products we saw did. Easily one of the more convenient elements of the Skil scroll saw blades is the sheer versatility that this product allows for. For instance, though it is not the only on our list which can do so, the Skil scroll saw blades are more than capable of cutting through a wide variety of materials. To make the point further, while the packaging only suggests using the Skil scroll saw blades for wood or plastic, multiple users have noted that they can also be used to cut softer or thinner metals. Keep in mind, this is technically outside the indicated uses, so your mileage may vary. However, it still sets up the option to use these scroll saw blades for metalworking, especially if you are willing to go slow and clean the blades somewhat frequently. Beyond their versatility, these blades are also made out of premium grade steel, so you do not have to worry about them breaking quite so easily as some lesser options on the market, likely another part of the reason they can potentially be used for purposes outside of those indicated. Beyond the materials composition, the Skil scroll saws are also precision ground to make sure that they are fairly sharp when you take them out of the box. Unfortunately, these scroll saw blades are noted for dulling a little bit quicker than some of the more expensive options, but they do not do so unduly.

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  • Comes with 36 blades
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Is precision sharpened
  • Made of premium-grade steel
  • Features a pinless design
  • Can cut different materials


  • Not for cross pin scroll saws
  • Will not keep an edge as well

Flying Dutchman New Spiral Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack – Top Pick

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Flying Dutchman may seem like a company that has been around for a while based on the kind of reputation the company has been able to carve out for itself, but in truth, they just started 20 years ago in 1999. Then, three years later in 2002, the company was sold to from another small owner, While this can make tracking Flying Dutchman a bit difficult, it does not change the fact that these scroll saw blades are still manufactured in Germany and to the highest standards of quality. In fact, a quick search online will yield numerous results of users swearing exclusively by this brand and fully willing to pay the premium cost attached to it to do so.

Great Build
One of the more overlooked elements, when judging scroll saw blades, is how the blades themselves are constructed. Since they are made in a large factory far from the user’s eye, most people assume the machining processes are all the same, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades are the only blades we found which are made using the milling technique. This is important because it helps preserve the scroll saw blade’s structural integrity across the entire blade and does not change from blade to blade. On top of that, the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades are made out of hardened steel which, while not carbon steel, does mean that these blades can handle inherently colder temperatures and are far less likely to become brittle after a sudden temperature shift, unlike carbon steel blades. As if that were not enough, the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades are also the only product on our list to utilize a spiral tooth design. While it is not inherently better than all other tooth designs for all projects, the spiral tooth design allows the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades to cut more material in the same amount of time and helps remove the cut material from in between the teeth.

Solid Options
Since the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades are one of the most expensive options on our list, it only makes sense that you should get a bit more for the price. Thankfully, Flying Dutchman agrees and provides you with the second-most versatile setup that we reviewed. First, the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades come in 5 different sizes, and the company makes sure to include the most commonly used sizes too. On top of that, Flying Dutchman follows the same value principle as their competitors and offers a dozen different scroll saw blades for each size. This means that you get 60 Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades in total which is also the second-most amount provided by any product on our list. It is worth noting that the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades are pinless which means that they may not fit every scroll saw guide. That said, these pinless scroll saw blades are noted for staying within their fitting much better than some of the others that we came across.

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  • Blades are milled
  • Use a spiral design
  • Made of hardened steel
  • Comes with 60 blades
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Features a pinless design


  • Is a more expensive scroll saw blade
  • Not for cross pin scroll saws

Olson Saw FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blade – Best Value

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While not the most experienced or historic company, strictly speaking, Olson Saws does have the advantage of being one of the older and more established brands that specialize exclusively in saw blades. On top of that, the company focuses explicitly on the thinner types of saw blades which include scroll saw blades but also encompasses band saw blades as well as coping saw blades. The brand, which is currently owned by Blackstone Industries, has focused on these more specialized types of saw blades for over 40 years. Of course, that does not change the fact that they ended up as our best value option primarily due to the fact that they are easily the least expensive scroll saw blades that we reviewed. While this is great for their value, it does mean that you are going to have to set your expectations appropriately to avoid a bit of disappointment.

Decent Build
Generally, when you are purchasing a more budget-friendly item, you should expect the product to have a flaw or two to compensate for the lower cost. This is the careful balance that Olson Saw scroll saw blades have been able to strike, though this does still mean that you will have to worry about their issues a bit– just not as much as you might have had to for other cheap scroll saw blades. In this instance, the biggest issue comes from the Olson Saw scroll saw blades’ durability, but it is not quite as cut and dry as the blades simply being poor quality. Instead, the type of material used and the way it is manufactured leads to the Olson Saw scroll saw blades being a bit more brittle than some of their competitors. This comes down to the fact that Olson Saw scroll saw blades are made out of high carbon steel which is especially an issue should the blades be exposed to colder temperatures or undergo rapid temperature shifts. If you feed the material into the blade too quickly, the rapid change in temperature, especially once the blade cools, will have a tendency to make it more brittle.

Solid Options
The first thing to consider once you get past the general composition and the durability and technique complications that can present is the overall value that this product still provides. While not the most, the fact that the Olson Saw scroll saw blades still come in 3 different sizes is great in terms of versatility and being able to work on a wide variety of products. The fact that the Olson Saw scroll saw blades also provide a dozen blades of each size is also great, especially considering that the durability is a bit of a concern. One thing worth remembering is that the Olson Saw scroll saw blades are the pinned variety which has a couple of implications. For one, unlike the pinless scroll saw blades, the Olson Saw scroll saw blades are far more stable in their mount in the scroll saw. As such, you will not have to worry about the Olson Saw scroll saw blades coming loose from their holdings. On the downside, this does mean that it will take longer to change the Olson Saw scroll saw blades when it comes time to do so.

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  • Is the least expensive saw blades reviewed
  • Comes with 18 blades
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Is a pinned end blade
  • Cuts a wide variety of materials
  • Made of high carbon steel


  • Not quite as easy to change
  • Is not the most durable

Delta Power Equipment Corporation 40-519-Precision Ground Sharp Scroll Saw Blades – Runner Up

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The Delta Power Equipment Corporation, the parent company of Delta Power Tools, is one of the more experienced companies on our list. Though, it is fair to note and important to remember that, unlike some of the younger companies we reviewed, Delta does not actually specialize in scroll saw blades specifically or even scroll saws more broadly. Granted, scroll saws and the like are definitely a big part of their operations, but the accessories are not really their focus. This almost certainly leads to some of the reasons that the Delta scroll saw blades are positioned so far down our list, despite being one of the less expensive options. However, as we will see, the initial sticker price only tells part of the story when considering the Delta scroll saw blades’ overall value.

Good Cut
Easily the biggest selling point for the Delta scroll saw blades comes from the way they are machined and the impact that it has on their cutting action. First, these scroll saw blades have a double-bladed edge, the only product on our review to boast such. On top of that, both edges of the blade are precision ground, so you do not have to worry about them being uneven in terms of their cutting ability. This ultimately culminates in a scroll saw blade that is, on average, far sharper than the majority of their competition– likely a big part of the reason why they are part of the Super Sharps sub-brand within the Delta lineup.

Questionable Value
One thing to consider with the Delta scroll saw blades, and likely the biggest reason they are so far down on our list, is the fact that you get less compared to the other options we reviewed. While this could be meant somewhat metaphorically, in this instance, we mean it quite literally as well. For instance, the Delta scroll saw blade are the only options we reviewed that are sold in a single size. This inherently decreases their versatility, though they can still cut a wide range of materials, but it also impacts their sheer count. Specifically, the Delta scroll saw blades are also sold in the fewest amount that we found with only 12 to their package.

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  • Are less expensive scroll saw blades
  • The blades are precision ground
  • Sharper than most
  • Has a double-bladed edge
  • Features a pinless design
  • Has 11.5 TPI


  • Fewer and less versatile
  • Is not the most durable

7 Dozen Pegas Modified Geometry Pinless Scroll Saw Blades Variety Intro Pack (2/0,1,3,5,7,9,12) – Also Consider

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Pegas is another one of those companies that people familiar with woodworking might assume has been around for a while due to their stellar reputation but has actually only been around for a little over 15 years. That said, Pegas is definitely considered at or above the same level as any of the other major scroll saw blade manufacturers that we reviewed. They accomplish this feat primarily through the manufacture of blades which are not only some of the most durable but also some of the best-machined scroll saw blades we found. To be fair, the main reason that the Pegas scroll saw blades are positioned so far down our list has to do with the overall value more than anything else.

More Than Enough
While the Pegas scroll saw blades may cost a fair amount, especially in comparison with the other options on our list, you are still getting a decent amount for that price. Of course, the question then becomes whether you actually need everything you get considering that most woodworkers only use a few of the blades they potentially have access to. Still, it is difficult to get around the fact that the Pegas scroll saw blades come in 7 different sizes which is easily the most on our list and includes all of the major woodworking sizes. On top of that, the Pegas scroll saw blades also provide you with a dozen different blades for each size totaling 84 blades at the end of it.

Great Action
While the sheer number of blades and the variety of blade size is impressive on its own, it is worth mentioning that the Pegas scroll saw blades complement this with a unique blade design. This is the only scroll saw blade on our list which uses the modified geometry tooth set that has some interesting cutting properties. First, the modified geometry tooth design allows the Pegas scroll saw blades to make the most aggressive cuts and accept the hardest feeds out of any product we reviewed. It is not without meaning that these scroll saw blades are made of the highest content carbon steel on the market too.

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  • Comes with 84 blades
  • Comes in 7 different sizes
  • Has modified geometry teeth
  • Can handle a more aggressive feed
  • Is made of carbon steel
  • Can cut a wide variety of materials


  • Is the most expensive scroll saw blade reviewed
  • Not for cross pin scroll saws

Best Scroll Saw Blades Buying Guide 2019


This term is a bit nebulous and can apply to a couple of different aspects of the scroll saw blade, but they ultimately generally result in describing how strong the blade is. It is important to note that no scroll saw blade will be able to withstand the hardest of punishment for very long, and all will eventually wear out no matter how good your technique. One of the more common ways of identifying a scroll saw blade’s build is to look at its material composition. With pretty much all scroll saw blades being made of metal, the difference in the alloy can have big impacts depending on your specific situation. For instance, if your workshop is located in a cold region or is kept especially cool, you may want to avoid a higher carbon content.

The other factor that often helps determine how well a scroll saw blade can handle the rigors of cutting is its machining process. The best scroll saw blades will be precision ground from a single piece of metal rather than stamped, though this is becoming less and less of an issue as time goes on and technology progresses. One thing that can still help define the build quality of a scroll saw blade is whether it is milled or not. A milled scroll saw blade is made from a spool of metal that is worked on as part of a larger piece before being cut into a single blade.


This is a fairly important factor to consider, but it is not inherently clearcut in terms of more teeth are better. Instead, teeth per inch, or TPI, is better understood as corresponding to particular tasks where sometimes more teeth are better and other times less are better. The fewer teeth the scroll saw blade has, the larger the troughs between the teeth, though not necessarily deeper. This allows the scroll saw blade to remove the dust accumulated by the cut easier and often translates to a quicker, more aggressive cut. Of course, this also means that the cut face is generally not quite as smooth and will require a bit of finish work. Scroll saw blades with more teeth have less space to move the dust from out between the blade’s teeth and can lead to a hotter blade. The hotter the blade get, generally the more prone it is to breaking, which forces you to slow your feed rate to accommodate this. Thankfully, the higher the TPI the smoother the cut face, so the time you spend making a slower cut is saved from not having to finish the workpiece.


This is often one of the more overlooked qualities with a scroll saw blade because the blades are almost always able to cut through a wide range of materials in the first place. That said, some blades are able to cut through a few different types of material while other blades can cut through half a dozen or more. To be fair, this is one of the harder qualities to judge because a fair number of variables go into helping determine the cutting versatility. For instance, most scroll saw blades are able to cut through hardwood, softwood, and plastic. However, other scroll saw blades are designed to cut through various types of metal. Then there are the even rarer scroll saw blades which can cut through woods, plastics, and metals, though they are often limited to the non-ferrous metals in this regard. It is important to make sure you get the kind of scroll saw blades that are designed to cut through all of the different materials you will use. This may mean purchasing multiple scroll saw blade sets, depending on what kind of cuts you are looking to make.


Which Type of Connection?

While this has generally been relegated a bit lower in our review considerations due to a preference in terms of recent scroll saw design, considering which type of hold the scroll saw blade affords is still a meaningful topic to use. This is because of the two different types of scroll saw blade connections, pinned and pinless, you can still get a wider variation in terms of performance than you expected. Some of this has to do with the fact that manufacturers are eager to make their scroll saw blades slightly different so you are incentivized to use their brand of blades with their brand of saw.

Still, this does not change the fact that most people have a tendency to prefer the pinless variety of scroll saw blades. The reason for this is fairly simple in that a pinless scroll saw blade is significantly quicker and easier to change out when dull or broken than a pinned blade. On the other hand, the pinned scroll saw blades have the advantage of generally holding more firmly in the scroll saw. In fact, we noticed a number of pinless scroll saw blades that were reported to fly out of the scroll saw because they were not fastened tightly enough. To be fair, these instances were almost always a result of the user employing a scroll saw blade made by a different manufacturer than their scroll saw.

What the Difference Between Design?

By design, scroll saw blade manufacturers are generally referring to the arrangement of the cutting teeth. While this might seem a bit piddling, it can have a big impact in terms of the technique you need to use while cutting with one scroll saw blade over another. To make matters more confusing, there is a rather large variety of different blade designs to choose from.

Some of them are better for aggressive cuts with harder feeds while others are more suited to providing a smooth finish. Others even go so far as to protect the blade itself while sacrificing some of the speed and aggression you might otherwise be tempted to use while cutting. The important thing to remember is that each design is different, and it is best to consider what you will be cutting, how you will be cutting, and the kind of finish you expect the blade to leave on the cut face before choosing one blade design over another.

What to Look For?

Even though scroll saw blades may generally look fairly similar from a quick, outside glance, there is a fair amount of variance in their manufacturing which can help you make a decision. By far one of the more important elements to consider is what the scroll saw blades are made out of. While pretty much every scroll saw blade is made out of metal, usually some kind of steel, there are a number of different alloys in use. Unfortunately, few manufacturers actually provide a detailed assessment of the alloy composition, but a fairly popular option is carbon steel. This makes for an incredibly strong structural integrity with the ability to keep a sharp edge.

However, carbon steel is inherently more brittle and less flexible than other types of steel, making these scroll saw blades a bit more prone to breaking. This especially holds true if you are cutting in a colder workshop or if the blade goes through a rapid temperature shift. Another quality to consider is the number of materials the blade is designed to cut. Most scroll saw blades are suited for cutting wood and plastic, but some are even designed to cut through non-ferrous metals as well.


In the end, the different sizes, your particular projects, and even your skill level will all go into helping decide which are the best scroll saw blades for your needs. The SKIL is a solid option because it combines a reasonable price with a decent level of durability that is great for beginners. Of course, if you are an experienced woodworker, then it is hard to pass up the quality of Flying Dutchman, even if they are a bit more expensive. If you are trying to split the difference between the two, the Olson Saw offers a good cut, but they are not the most durable. The same could be said of the Delta as well, though they are even further limited in terms of their versatility. Finally, if you are a master woodworker who needs every meaningful size of scroll saw blade, the Pegas has you covered– albeit at a fairly high price.